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Adding HCG Later in a Cycle?


i have three weeks left on my cycle, my friend can get me some HCG cheap.
its been 12 weeks 500mg test week 600mg deca week 150mg tren EOD.


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I have heard arguements for and against HCG's use. "bushsomething" gave you some of the issues. Another one to think about is this. If you are still using androgens and late in your cycle, your androgen levels are high enough to supress normal test production. HCG will kick-start normal production, but will make your androgen levels even higher (normal test + steroids) which will again initiate supression.

This is what you want to do: use it when your androgen levels + whatever steroid levels still floating around (after cycle) will not initiate supression. When and at what levels is that time? I don't know, you would have to get blood tested. But if you use it during, you will most definitely start and stop normal test production.


Why can't you get bloodwork done bush?


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Bushsomething wasn't an insult. But this will be. I have seen your numbers that you so un-ashamingly post on this site (height, weight, bf%, how many mgs of juice you run). If i was you I would learn how to build, and maybe eat a little more. You are a little boy and you obvoiusly have sensitivity issues. I am pretty pissed off. Maybe come at me when you can hit 500 on any lift and weigh more than 250lbs (114kg). Is ghandi your hero?

But to clarify myself, yes you CAN use HCG during cycle, but not at the point you are at right now with 3 weeks left in a 12 week cycle. And yes, HCG mimics lutenizing hormone (initiated by the pituitary) which acts on the leydig cells of the testes which stimulates natural release of testosterone from the testes, FROM THE TESTES. It also increases testicular tissue if you are combating atrophy. HOWEVER, depending on how you use HCG, this natural release of testosterone MAY put you in a high testosterone range, which would be just as harmful as a dose of prop (bad for recovery), OR the artificial presense of LH MAY inhibit normal pituitary LH production (HCG is not entirely suppressive in itself).

Also, "it may cause desensitivity of the leydig's cells in the testes, leading to another level of suppression-(bushsomething)". If you are going to use it during cycle (and some do), it is usually done mid-cycle. Then again, or only, AFTER cycle as PCT. But refer to my precausions in the earlier post for PCT. I tend to stay away from HCG all together, it just gets complicated.

If this seems like TMI, sorry. I just had to ram it up bushboy's ass a couple times. And for you bushboy, (and all you guys who have too much time on your hands) try to stay on topic with your posts. Don't ask off topic questions in the post, this isn't a fucking couples board. And don't take shots at other posts. Give your opinions or info and shut it- this forum is for answering questions and helping people out. I apologize for this act of anger.


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The LH and testes are effectively shut down within three weeks* and that's that. All that is left is for shrinkage and tissue takes a while to go away. So the suggestions to use HCG all along do have merit.

  • study used 200mg/week of test ethanate


some bros use it during cycle (the best approach if you choose to use HCG IMO), some will use it right at the end of a cycle to prep for PCT, and some will use it in their PCT. there is a wide range of HCG application theory out there.

as you see,you could use HCG at any point....so its not too late. but why the fuck would you bother. for a 12 week cycle it is a waste of time. you'll recover your size and function without it, and avoid any possibility of leydig desensitization.


I don't know where this 'shrinkage' converted to LOSS OF TISSUE! This dosn't happen. Its just loss of blood flow due to a decrease in metabolic demand.

And of course like all receptor mediated drugs, hcg causes a phenomenon in pharmacology known as TOLERANCE! The more you use, the more 'tolerant' you become to its use.

That causes receptor up regulation, and basically takes away any advantage you have, of comming off hcg, and expecting your own body's LH production to have as great of an effect on these same receptors, as the hcg had. So your back to square one again untill these receptors down regulate. This btw can take a while (were talking weeks to possibly months)

Better, especially when deca is being used, to use a low dose of testosterone at 100mg per week, while you wait for the deca to leave you system (six weeks). At that point, the best approach is to either use clomid and nolva and recover out of a semicrash, or do as I recomend and gradually taper for another 6 weeks. During this time testicular hypertrophy occurs, the g/f wife is kept satisfied, and there is no crash.

I have gone through this many time, however the only use I see for hcg, is if you have a hypothalmus/ pituitary dysfunction.

Hcg use is just a temporary fix, which in the end you'll just happen to have to recover from anyway as well.

The notion that using one hormone i.e. AAS is bad for the hpta, but that using two different hormones i.e. HCG. is better is plain stupid. How do two negatives equal a positive?