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Adding HCG if Confirmed Heart Disease


Hi, I’ve been on TRT subq for the past 3 years and recently my doctor recommended I add a small dose of HCG to my program. I was recently diagnosed with a 50% blockage of my LAD artery. I’m doing fine and currently on a Med diet and a lot of supplements. Was on a statin but stopped since it was draining my energy.

Anyway, just curious if HCG would be fine to add with my current heart condition.



There is no record of HCG having any negative effects related to Coronary artery disease. The HCG diet can damage your heart, but its not the HCG that does it. 500 calorie a day diets are not remotely healthy for any extended length of time. Other than your balls growing back to normal, you are probably not going to notice a lot from the HCG.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. I’m also 50 yrs old and not going to have anymore kids and haven’t noticed too much shrinkage of the testes. was wondering if skipping the HCG and supplementing with pregnenolone would be sufficient to counteract any hormone def due to low LH.


The HCG is both harmless and cheap (Because we use so little) And while other than full testicles you do not notice much. For some there are noticeable good effects and no bad ones. I would give it a try you might like it and it cant hurt hurt you


Thanks verne! I appreciate the info.