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Adding HCG After Being Only on T for a Year

Looking to get some advice on adding HCG back into my current protocol of .6mg Test cyp 2X/wk. I was on HCG for appx. 3 years (250iu 3X/WK) but have been solely on T-cyp for a year. My wife and I are wanting to have another child, so do y’all believe that just adding the HCG at my previous dosage would be enough to restore my sperm count and quality?

If it’s not enough to create more sperm you can add FSH injections to the your TRT/HCG protocol. I have seen FSH make a huge difference in guys who couldn’t get their wives pregnant previously on only TRT+HCG.

The cheapest place I’ve seen FSH is Empower pharmacy, try getting it at a retail pharmacy it can cost a huge sum of money.