Adding HCG, 5 Months into TRT

I am 5 Months into my TRT. At 200mg test c per week. My Nads have shrunk and If I’m honest I’m looking to get the boys back lol.

Ive just started 250iu twice a week.

My question is how long until i start seeing improvement? Is this dose correct?

Any advise is appreciated!

500-1000iu/week worked for me. I had success with even less, it just took longer. I know some others use 150 eod. I noticed changes after around 10 days if I remember correctly. I don’t tolerate HCG well but for some guys it’s a necessary addition to feel well. See how it goes at 500/week.

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It’s a good starting point for HCG. Many guys are satisfied with 500 IU/week. Should consider dosing over 3 injections due to the half life. three injections per week will maintain more stable levels.

I do 1050 IU per week and have no discernible side-effects. Not sure if the added amount actually helps in terms of testicular size, but I believe there are other benefits. Since I am scripted for up to that level, I have no side-effects, and I am not cost-sensitive, I go for the upper dose.

250iu X 3 times weekly worked for me. I started at 375iu which also kicked up my TT but felt some sides like more water weight/bloat, very warm all the time. HCG will mess with E2 for sure so keep an eye on it.

I still use HCG for a few weeks at a time every 2 to 3 months.