Adding GTG to 3x/Week Full-Body Program Too Much?

Hi, I’m 50 yo and I’ve been following a 3x/week full-body starting strength type program for about 6 months. Everything’s going good. I still have low numbers but I’ve been making steady progress.

I’d like to add grease-the-groove training for pushups and banded pullups to my program. By GTG I mean 4 sets a day, six days a week, at least an hour between sets, each set about 50% of my one set max reps.

Is this an OK idea? Will it obviously interfere with recovery from the weightlifting? The weightlifting is the basis of my program and I don’t want to mess it up, but if the GTG exercises don’t interfere with recovery, I’d like to add those too. So is there any clear conflict between the high-intensity low-frequency weightlifting and the low-intensity high-frequency calisthenics? Or will they co-exist peacefully because they’re different regimens?

EDIT: I forgot to add that with the GTG program, you also add one rep to all the sets every day, until you cannot do a set with good form, then you retake the max reps test, and begin all over, with the option of adding another set. This is the gtg program from

you should be fine if they’re spaced out like that, having an hour at least in-between each set and only going to 50% of your max, honestly it’ll probably help recovery. I spent 4 months doing 3 max sets of push ups every morning and it really didn’t interfere much, the only day I didn’t do it was the day before chest day that way I could be tip top. but after a week or two it’ll feel normal. thats if you get sore at all from it.

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Honestly, at 50 I think doing them 4 times a day 6 days a week will probably royally piss off your joints over time. Once a day 4 times a week should be fine.

Just Adding a proper 4 th workout of all bodyweight and mobility moves would be fine also, something like 10 sets of pullups, 5 of dips , 5 of pushups, jumps and defranco style mobility circuit etc

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