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Adding Glutamine to my Water Jug...


I stocked up on glutamine recently, both pure glutamine and a GNC product I got cheap that has Glutamine, Vit. C & E and NAC. I've been adding a total of about 20-25g to each gallon of water I drink lately, and though it's only been two days, I feel a lot better lately, and feel like (somewhat speculative, I KNOW) I've been more anabolic since.
I've done some research, and haven't seen anything to suggest that I'm not absorbing it completely or that it could have any adverse effects.
Anyone know anything about this not being as awesome as I'm thinking it is?


Glutamine is basically the most common amino found in human muscle tissue. It is the biggest part of any protein that makes you grow and recover. that being said IMO it is one of the best supps on the market w/o all the hype/BS of propertiery blends etc. I have not read anything negative about glutamine ever.

I might do this to my gallons now, there is now taste difference? Im a very picky water drinker and I know most people say water is water but I can literally tell the difference in textures of water and could blind folded tell you what water has minerals in it and what is purified. I guess i would have to experiment on my own to see if i dont mind it.

Good call


I'm going to be honest with you(i kind of feel bad as you say you feel something)...but, glutamine has zero proven effect on anabolism...

Supplemental glutamine has never been found to alter the anabolic response to training or improve recovery...

most animal protein sources have a large percentage of glutamine in them, so it is not really an issue to get enough glutamine...your body also has an amino acid pool of free aminos at all times...glutamine is the most prevalent amino in that pool.....thus, you don't need more glutamine...

as far as what it can do...it has been shown to repair the gut...it is also used to help burn victims and people battling infectious disease...



but i still use it too.


It can help greatly with diarrhea.

(It can also battle against skinhead buffed super-villains...)


@evilachilles- There is a slight taste difference with just pure glutamine powder, but with the Mega Glutamine supp I add, it just has a faint tart aftertaste. Try it out, dude.

@D Public- Yes, I know it hasn't been shown to do either of those things, but it's also a fact that it is absorbed when supplemented with, and even though it is the most prevalent and it is technically a non-essential amino, for bodybuilders and powerlifters, it can become a "conditionally-essential" amino, IMO, because your body's natural levels will become depleted when you train intensely. It's true that I could be getting enough every day simply through my 300-400g protein, but it's also true that I may not be, due to training 6 days/wk. I know how I think I feel from it shouldn't be anything I trust in, but I'm going to continue doing it for an extended period and see how my recovery and weight gain go.

@tolismann- Yeah, I was reading about that too, and while I don't suffer from any named bowel disorders, I do have food allergies to gluten, corn, lactose, and peanuts. I get digestive discomfort and diarrhea from all of these, and have to control my intake. I still consume all of them on a regular basis, mainly because of the cost factor of eating solely foods that don't aggravate me, and since having a steady supply of glutamine in my water, my movements have been decidedly firmer, almost to the point of being too firm, which is almost unheard of for me.

I'll post some updates as I notice anything else, and try to do some more research on glutamine.


love glutamine even though most research has shown it ineffective in boosting immune system function. I feel it helps me and makes me look fuller.


I also take glutamine daily, 10g with 4g vit c in the morning, and 20g with 20g leucine, 4g creatine and 4g beta alanine during workout. I like it. It makes me feel alert, as do all amino acids really (that I have tried). I believe it works. This is despite all nay-saying, which you would guess would have an anti-placebo effect.

Maybe it's due to the net alkalinising effect on the body, which Berardi discusses here http://www.tomvenuto.com/articles/ph_acid_alkaline_balance.shtml ?