Adding Glucosamine Worth It?

  1. I am considering taking glucosamine for my joints. I already take fish oil. I read that if you do martial arts or boxing then you should take this supplement because of the increased wear and tear on joints. I also lift weights. Is this just a throwing away money supplement or should I make this part of my regular supplements?

  2. Is it true that L-Glutamine and creatine should not be taken together?

I take glocosamine. I notice a difference in my knees when I take it. If a skip out a few days without thinking about it, my knees ache more than normal. Costco store brand is dirt cheap and USP verified, so it won’t hurt your wallet to try it.

I dont stay on it regularily , but I have used it with success with both tendonitis and minor joint issue . results are not immediate for me though; about a week is needed before I start to notice it.