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Adding GH to TRT for Tendon Healing?

Been offered a cycle of gh at therapeutic levels for healing tendons injured by lifting. Biggest issues I’ve read about is longterm effects on insulin sensitivity. This would be in addition to my normal trt. Any one have experience with this.

Do you know your IGF-1 level?

They tested it, just waiting.

Tendon injury came from trt strength gains and 1rm test every week for 12 weeks straight.

What tendon(s) and how did you do it?

Pec major tendon around humerous. It’s a strain but it’s getting worse. Only right side

Bench gained 50lbs in 3 months, 275 to 325. The last four weeks all other presses have moved up but bench has been going backwards until can barely warm up now with out pain. Went from 275 8 reps to a hard 2 reps today.

You need to stop until it is completely healed. This is how full thickness tears happen. I’ll wait to see the IGF-1 level before commenting further.


If exercises don’t hurt can I keep doing them heavy. I’ve heard tendons can continue to get damage without direct heavy loads. I.e. ohp on that tendon doesn’t hurt but may still slow healing. Appreciate your input.

You will be ok with presses as long as you do them without sacrificing form.

IGF-1 came back at 165 with a range of 88-240. So appears to be right in the middle. Estradol came back at 20 range of 7.6 - 42. Total T came back >1500. All of these were 1 day after my 100mg shot E3D.

I’m guessing my E is way to low which is what I had been assuming since being on this forum. So i’m going to start by switching to a clinic where I don’t have the anastrozole mixed into the test solution and give it 6-8 weeks to see if my tendons feel better with higher E.

I added GH after my RC surgery last year. Also BPC 157. The Dr kept commenting on how fast I was healing. Also made great strides in PT but like I said, this was all POST surgery.