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Adding Flax Seeds to Shakes


I am getting sick of using peanut butter for adding fat to my shakes. Same thing goes for flax oil.

So i was wondering about adding organic whole brown flaxseeds to the shakes to create a portein and fat mrp.

The seeds provide 6grams of fiber plus 7 grams of fat per 20 grams. So i have two questions:

1) Is the fiber to fat ratio too high?
2) Anyone with previous experience of eating raw flax seeds have any comments or opinions on the digestibility of the seeds?



I add whole flax seeds to my oatmeal every morning. I read somewhere that there is an issue with a percentage of the seeds passing undigested.

I don't like any kind of seeds in my shakes and avoid adding berries for the same reason.

If you are using the shake for post workout, you want avoid adding additional fat or fiber which may slow absorption of your carbs and protein.

On the other hand, this sound like a good idea in a meal replacement or night time shake if you don't mind the taste / texture.


Make sure they are milled. Otherwise they just act as fiber. I use them in my shakes from time to time.


I do it all the time, but I add the ground flax seeds. I too have heard that it is hard for us to use the nutrients efficiantly when in shell form.

The shake gets a little gritty, and the last slug is usually full of it. Plus it seems to be a good idea to swirl or shake the drink often between sips or else the last slug gets really gritty.

I have found that it works better in milk than in just water.

If it is mixed in with fruit it becomes a lot less noticable. Alllla - smoothie

I have also noticed that Chris Shugart did the same with his V-diet. I tried that diet, hence the reason I know that skim milk works better with the ground flax than water.

My local grocery store (piggly wiggly)carries the brand Hodges Mill and they sell ground flax seeds for like 1.60 a box, pretty cheap. I also found it at a local health food store for about the same price. Just make sure you keep them refrigerated after you open the bag. They also sell wheat bran which comes as little flakes, I like to sprinkle that in my oatmeal. Almost pure fibre. However very bad in a protein shake.

On a side note I have seen places start selling Flax-Oil pills too, however you wont get the fibre benifit. I actually like the fibre in the seeds, there are like zero carbs in the product that are not fibrerous.

-moderate extremist


I like organic oat bran with 2 tbsp ground flax meal and 1/2 cup of organic blueberries with protein powder for my first meal of the day.


I am currently doing the V-Diet and adding flax to shakes is easy and doesnt change the taste much at all to me. I have bought a coffee grinder in which I use to grind up the seeds and add em to my shakes. It seems to wrok very well so far. Good Luck