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Adding Finisher?


Hey guys!

I am in the middle of my first cycle. And i am seeing really great progress so fare :slightly_smiling:
just had my 7th pin this monday.

28 years old.
180 cm height.
85 -> 93kg
BF% is about the same - about 16%

The lifts
press 70 -> 82,5
Deadlift 200->220
bench 1x120 -> 3x130
squat 1x140 ->8x140

1-4 30mg dbol
1-10 500mg test

PCT 2 weeks after last pin:
Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 70/70/35/35

The thing is, I am playing with the idea about throwing anavar in the mix for 4 weeks here in the end leading up to the pct.
what could i expect? will it kill my liver, or are the â??over 4 weeks of orals, your liver will dieâ?? exaggerated ?
I dont drink alcohol, i drink alot of water and take liver a supplement and i eat pretty clean.

am i just being stupid now â??more wants moreâ???


you’ll be fine, add the var if you want


it will likely wreck your lipids and hurt your wallet


Thanks for the answers both of you :slight_smile:
My wallet is not the biggest concern :slight_smile: but if you took the time to explain to me (in laymans terms) how it would wreak my lipids and what consecvenses it may have. mr. walkaway i would appreciate it.


if by "consecvenses " you mean “consequences”…

anavar will give you very little in terms of gains especially on a “$ per mg” basis… and the sides far outweigh the benefits…

respected and knowledgeable people have run anavar for standard periods of time (3-4 weeks) and have had their HDL reduced to 2-3 points… that’s reduced TO 2-3 points… not BY 2-3 points…

in this lifestyle, health is the number on priority