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Adding Fat: How Much Is Too Much?

Okay. The concensus of the T-Mag community is that in order to add muscle, you gotta (will?) add some fat. The question: If a reasonable fat LOSS during a leaning phase is 1-2 pounds/week, what is a reasonable weekly fat GAIN during a bulking phase?

Any fat is TOO much fat in my opinion! Seriously though, you will have to gain some fat unfortunately. How much is too much? Good question. If you time your meals right and consume the right amounts nutrients you can keep the fat gain to a minimum. Here is an extreme example of what I mean. Let’s say you consume a rather large carb laden snack in the late evening hours. Not only will you store these excess carbs as fat, but these same excess carbs can actually lower your gh, igf-1, and t levels during sleep when you need them most. The net effect is fat gain with little to no muscle gain at all. The goal is to make every calorie count towards muscle gain. Although, about a year ago for a 4 month stretch I hit a sweet spot where I made muscular gains while getting leaner. It was almost imperceptible while it was happening, but when I looked back at all the data I collected I could see the trend. I have been trying to recreate the proper conditions and hit that same sweet spot ever since. The problem is that you are never quite sure where you are headed until you travel far enough to look back and see where you’ve been. Unless you log everything and track the data you will not know if what you did was right or not. I have chosen to stay as lean as possible throughout the year, so I usually never gain more than 1lb. of fat every two weeks. Sure the muscle gains are painfully slow, but once I got down to 5% bf I didn’t want to be anywhere else.