Adding Farmer's Walk to Strength Training?

If you are doing a strength training routine such as SS or stronglifts and you are doing cardio days can you add farmer’s walks on those days? Where to add farmer’s walks?

Farmers could be done on pull days. Perhaps on a deadlift day before the accessory work and after the deadlifts. They’re very very taxing on the entire body as far as heavy weights are concerned with it. If you’re going lighter you’ll find they can be added into almost any day of the week. It’s really what your body responds to. If you add them in, and you feel totally fucked up from the session the day before, figure out a better way to implement it in your training.

Hi sokomatsumura, I am doing Stronglifts. Did you tried to add the farmer’s walks to your schedule? Any conclusions?

I added a Carry Day to my routine.

I start with heavy Trap Bar carries. 10 laps of 40 steps.

I then move onto either fat DB carries or 45# plate carries. 10 laps of 40 steps.

Then superset heavy shrugs with fat DB curls.