Adding Extra Test to TRT for 12 Weeks

33 year old natty recreational bodybuilder. I’ve been on trt for about 2 years and currently do 100mg test c with with .05 anastrozole A week. My clinic prescribed 200mg a week but 100mg a week keeps me between 950-1200 total t so I never went up. Needless to say I have some extra test laying around and was thinking about doing a mild “cycle” of 200-300mg a week test cyp while increasing calories for 12 weeks then going back to my trt dose. I’ve never really read up much on cycling bc I always planned to stay natty but life happened and since I have a script I’d like to try to add some size. I’m 212 pretty lean prolly 10-12% body fat. First off do I sound stupid and secondly what kind of gains would I make With 200t if train hard and diet is on point? K

I am not going to give any input other than to say, this sounds like a very typical blast and cruise and no you do not sound stupid.

I like to add in my 2 cents on a lot of topics but generally stay away from giving advice because there are people on here MUCH more highly qualified than myself.

Sad to inform you that TRT is not ‘natty’. You’re already enhanced. So since that bubble is burst … I would triple the TRT dose at a minimum for a blast. 4-500 is more of the real sweet spot though. Simply stated the side effects are light if any <500mg and the gains will be maximized. 10-12 weeks is right in duration.

Are you really that lean? 9/10 guys that come on here underestimate their body fat by a whopping 5-10%. 4 out of 5 dentists agree with me.


I meant natty before trt of course. Im using clippers, was 10% at 208 been slowly gaining up to 212 so I might be 12-15% haven’t checked since I was 208 bout 2 weeks ago. Hey, I used to be that guy that thought I was ripped bc I could see my top 2 abs so I know what u mean


My comment about the ‘most’ still stands but you happen to be one of those honest fellows. Nice work. Are you fairly tall?

6’1 thank you! And thanks for the input

Ok that makes sense now. I was thinking 208-215 at 10% is pretty lean and heavy already for the normal sized guy but at 6’1 this is all making perfect sense. You look like a primed and good candidate for a blast honestly. As lean as you are and with a frame like that you will likely get good results and keep a nice chunk of them. Just one guys opinion.

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The goal is 230 same body fat after a few bulk cuts with Blast cruise. Also have some T-Bol to run but wanna do test only first. I just only get 200mgs a month for doc and scared to inject UGL test. I might be pipe dreaming tho lol

This is reasonable honestly if you do it several times with multiple compounds. But do you want to risk your health that much? I’ve dabble with most of the minor to moderate compounds but none of the harsh ones. If I had to do it all over again I would be in the same position, I believe, by just increasing test a few times a year. That’s all I’m doing anymore. Try that first before adding in the orals etc. 300-500mg/test 10-12 weeks. IMO you could do a slight calorie surplus while blasting and through PCT. Don’t go crazy though or you will just get fatter.

Health is 100% my number 1 concern. I’m ocd just with the trt dose. Check bp 2 times a day, Monitor resting heart rate and labs every 3 months. I’m gonna do a “blast” with 200 then Repeat again in 4 months or so with 300. I truly appreciate ur input and I miss the forums from back in the day before social media!

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You should consider 300 as your minimum starting point. Yes, 200 will put you above normal range and that’s great, but if you’re going to do it then make the most of it. Hell, most of us started out trt at 200 and moved down once we figured out the best dose for ourselves. 200 isn’t going to give you a lot more than what you’re getting now. I know it sounds crazy but that extra 100mg isn’t going to make a big enough difference for it to be worth the additional stress you’re likely to cause yourself. 300 isn’t an unsafe dose and the likelihood of hurting yourself is pretty low. If you discover after six weeks that it’s too high then you simply dial back down to 200. There’s no good reason to start at 200.


Not much more than 100mg over 12 weeks but 500mg would have you looking noticeably different of gaining size is what you’re after. For instance my TRT is 200mg/week and for the last 16 weeks or so I’ve been on 350mg T and don’t look much different. It does help with retaining muscle during a deficit but not much more than the 200mg does.

Im starting to feel more comfortable about 300mg. Obviously I’m worried about side effects plus I only have a script for 200mgs a month. Next question. For my cruise I just go back to trt dose of 100mgs or should I add clomid too? I have a bunch of clomid. I was prescribed it before trt. I was a pretty good responder to it and never had any side. #nooblift

You don’t need clomid. You just go back to TRT. I would taper down to make the hormonal transition a bit of a ramp instead of a cliff. If your blast is 300 mg/wk, then go to 200 for 2 weeks, then back down to TRT dose. I think 300 mg is the lowest amount worth doing for a blast. You chance of sides at that dose is almost 0.

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3 weeks ago I started 300mg. Bp was slightly up but resolved this week. However, today I went to donate blood like I normally do every 2 months and my hemoglobin was 19.3 (normally 15 at 100mgs a week) and they turned me away. My trt doc is getting me a script to donate. Is this something I should worry about or just keep going?

Ive been thinking about dumping blood at home. Just use the IM needle and stick it in a vein. I am looking at how nurses take blood for tests and i just dont see what i might be missing besides the angle. Will probably risk it some time soon, lol.

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We think alike lol. I’ve thought of doing that. Many would consider my self medical practices to be reckless. I just don’t think a lot of it is as complicated as people seem to think. Just make sure to measure how much you take out lol.

I think measuring what’s taken out as well as having someone there with you would seem like a solid idea. Knowing my luck I’d pass out and then bleed out. Be a strange way to kill yourself.


I don’t think a normal 18g needle would work. I believe they use 12/14? I know even then sometimes they clot/don’t flow

When I donated / sold plasma they used 18 gauge. I couldn’t even watch them put it into my vein.