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Adding Dynamic Streching?


Hello everyone. I have done alot of reseach and found a great mma strength training program that incorporates core training, focus training (over all strength movements like deadlifts/squats/ect), and muscular endurance. Each workout lasts about 45 minutes. My question is this.

How should I incorporate dynamic streching into my routine? I have eric cresseys magnificent mobility and the dvd does a great job of explaining each exercise and how to do the exercise properly but I am still left with how I should be adding it in with the strength training?


though I hardly have any experience with dynamic stretching after a quick google, it seems to me you should just do it after you workout. and of course before rolling.


i thought they were performed before the workout as a warmup and also activating certain muscles


The consensus of anything I’ve ever read about dynamic stretching says to do it before workouts…included as a part of your warm-up. Especially before heavy lifting.

I myself will do a light warm-up,jump rope,etc…foam roller…then dynamic stretching routine. Doing this runs into being a tad more than a warm-up…but its worth it…especially as you get older.


I just re-read Kurz’s Secrets of Stretching the other day so this is fresh in my mind. Dynamic stretches are to be done b4 the workout, static stretches after. No exceptions.

If you have an extensive warm-up routine like BBoss, you’ll have to play around with the order of things.

He likes dynamic stretching 2x a day, 1x a.m. and 1x b4 training.

The book is pretty good, but IMO the DVD/tape is not worth it for most people on T-Nation.


My flexibility is naturally terrible, so I focus on it with joint rotations and dynamic stretching before any training, and static stretching after. I also annoy the family by working through Pavel’s Relax into Stretch 2 or 3 nights a week in front of the tv.

The best free resource of stretching advice I have ever found is here- http://lannamuaythai.com/cgi-bin/s?c=0&u=0000pr02l00047p_training__stretch_routines.html&m=564341630236334

No science to baffle you, just straight up routines.


I do them to before muay thai, before sprinting and before heavy lifting. after training i always do static streching.


I think this is a must. Gets the blood pumping in your muscles and stretches them out well. do it before a workout or training session as part of your warm up then hit up some static stretching as part of cool down. loosens you up so you dont start out your training cold and slow