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Adding Direct Ab, Calf and Forearm Work to Best Damn Workout?

Iv completed one week of (the damn best workout). And so far i love it but there is no calf work, should i add 3 calf exercises to 3 separate days with a special technique? and do the same with abs and forearms?

Why i want to add forearm work is since i like to use straps on most of my back exercises since i can feel my back working more that way.

And i guess traps get hit enough from the lateral raises done?


From my experience the traps shouldn’t be hit from lateral raises (I’m suggesting your form might be wrong), but they do get hit enough from the rowing movements.

You can add some small muscle groups exercises but let me tell you, after a couple of weeks you will be starving for a deload. Don’t underestimate the intensity because you got through one week.

I agree here. I have learned that doing lateral raises, imo and from my personal exp., should be locked out and performed as if your trying reach out and raise the DB’s without adding tension to the traps. Its almost like a partial but much higher but not to 90 degress where the DB are at trap level. Becaus when you raise it to that point your traps are involved. I’d much rather go below and keep direct tension to my delts…

This x 100

If this programs feels “too easy” or if you feel like adding more volume it’s because you aren’t doing the work sets hard enough.

As for doing abs, people here know my stance: I train abs in blitzes: for 3-6 weeks I train them every day… normally I do a superset of 2 exercises, one loaded, one unloaded and do the superset 3x. This is done at the end of every workout. Then I stop training them directly for 2-4 weeks and abs are likely my best body part.

Calves I honestly never trained them in my life and I have decent calves. I find that calves is something that you either have or you don’t. Those who are blessed with great (or good) calves (due to long muscle bellies) don’t need to train them directly and those with REALLY poor calves (very short muscle bellies, long tendons) will not be able to significantly change them even with specialized training. The only people who can benefit from direct calves work are those with decent calves but who want more: they have a muscle belly long enough to create a visual size gain but not enough size yet to not need it.

I guess you can add one exercise of calves twice per week and it wont affect recovery.

Traps are normally hit with any pulling action. I’d wait to see how the program works before thinking about adding traps work.

And you can’t simply ADD ON volume. Normally when you add something you must take out someone of an equal stress level