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Adding Dips to Big Boy Basics


I really need to add some DIPS in there, DIPS are my one of my favorite exercices and i simply cannot live without them :slight_smile:

anyone can recommend where should i place them ? i usualy do 3 sets of 8 reps.

should i just add them to a upper body day or use them instead of another exercice ? I plan doing them at every upper body day like i used to (see great results).


Well, with big boy basics, you're already getting in plenty of chest work and the arms will be worked out well through the compound movements. I'm not really sure where they'd fit in. Maybe you could add them in every other week in the upper-body hypertrophy day?? I'm interested to see what people say about this.


Not sure about this but i could add a 5th day (3rd of upper body coupled with some cardio) and put my a dips session in this day ?


i have been doing 5day/week split for a a few months now and i like it very much, not sure if i really want to switch to 4day/week but I DO want to focus on a routine like the 'big boys basics'.

i have been religiously training for 3 months now and see good gains (newbie gains of course), i am 6" 175lbs 25years old, my goal is to put mass (diet is ok).

you guys know more about this than me so i am just gonna wait for the answer. maybe i am totaly off track... or maybe i could base myself on another similar (focused on compound) routine.

anyway thanks in advance !


I believe that most of the programs on this site are a template..why don't you give it a try and see how it works for you..


replace the dumbell incline bench with chest dips IMO