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Adding Decline Bench?


I currently alternate inclin and flat bench presses, meaning i peform the incline bench press oneday and then two days later the flat bench press, i work out everyother day and i was wondering if i should add decline bench presses into the rotation


i get 'decline' work on flat bench from my arch.


Uh...read today's tip.

And use spell/grammar check.


according to tudor bompa's 'serious strength training' decline presses generate the most EMG activity when compared to other 'chest exercises'.


I once read Bill Starr article where he denounced the decline bench press as useless for athletes.

He also caimed that if a person stops doing decline bench presses the muscle he built by doing them becomes "saggy".....that always sounded like odd advice comming from him.


all i do is flat, incline, and then dumbbell press. i think decline is a waste of time.


that's not to say that you'll EVER see me doing decline presses. i don't like the idea of not having stability provided from my feet being on the ground.