Adding deca to “TRT”

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post, but I run 400mg week on “TRT.” I don’t need negative comments, opinions etc. I feel good and get blood done every 30 days and checked by a physician. Everything is in check. Anyway, I’ve been hard on my body; surgeries, motocross, physical labor etc. I’m thinking about adding some deca to see if it help with my joint pain. I’ve read on deca, but was looking for some advice on what doses people have experience with.

I low dose of 125mg/wk worked great for me BUT, deca is just masking any issues you may have.

I’ve fractured 2 vertebrates, 3 elbow surgeries, 2 knee surgies etc. I know is masks the issues, but that’s about all I can do at this point. Did you see any other benefits beside joint relief?

Nandrolone always makes me feel great for a while mentally but as time goes on my mental state always gets negative for some reason at any dose. Positives/negative are all person dependent.

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Cool. I’ve never ran it, but just looking into something for joint relief.

I am not recommending you do anything here, but when it comes to healing, I’d at least research HGH. I am no expert here, but there seems to be an accelerated healing with HGH. I suspect the pro sports players that are back on the field in 8 months after tearing an ACL, MCL, achilles… are using HGH to actually heal the damage.

I don’t know what your issues are exactly. Maybe it isn’t a fit for HGH? I do know someone who reported that HGH helped shoulders and elbows, but who knows exactly, could have been something else, or even just healed on it’s own.

There are also issues related to HGH too. It isn’t just something that is side effect free. Blood sugar can be tough to manage for some.

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I’ve looked into HGH, but that’s not something I’m really willing to try.

Glad you put “TRT” in quotes, at least you know what you know. That’s aside, Nandrolone is a love hate relationship for many. It worked great for me until mental state was affected and pecker stopped working. Great for mass gains while on it and helps with certain joint pains but not others. It’s definitely not something to be ran long term especially with your “TRT” dose. I’m surprised your doc wouldn’t have cardiovascular concerns.

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I wouldn’t be running a high dose of it, anyway. Just something to see if it helped. Funny enough, I’ve been on 400mg a week for the last 5 months and my bloods, blood pressure etc have been better on a daily/ monthly basis than when I was on 200-300. I’ve yet to have to give blood, RBC is perfect etc. when I went up on my test dose, my estrogen rose some and my BP dropped roughly 10 points top and bottom number.

also have looked into bpc157/tb500. i assume you have?
deca made me depressed as fuck. I had to run pramipexole (a better caber IMHO) for 3 weeks till this shit cleared my system. dosing was 150mg/week or something.

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I had a bad experience with about 150mg a week. Still bad mood and weird mental sides as well as ED. Just for warning you what to look out for. Many, probably most, have no issues at all.

Cool, thanks. That’s why I made this post. I ran test/tren when I was younger, on test now. I’d like to gain a little size, but I’m 5’8 235ish with abs so even if I don’t gain much weight I’d probably be cool with it. I’ve just always heard it helps with joints and size/ strength but like I said, I don’t know anyone that personally runs it.

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Sounds like a mass monster.
Show us some real muscle: maybe a front double biceps or just a “relaxed” front pose.

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Everything is “TRT” these days. Jesus

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I have shit bicep peaks, so I don’t have any front double bi. But for reference, the red shirt is. 3X and my suit measurement from a wedding was a 54 chest. Here’s a couple arm, back and relaxed back.


Except I’m open about my dose. That’s why I said “TRT.” I’m on TRT, but beings this is more than most people would consider TRT, that’s how I put it. Its where I feel the best and have the best health.

Props for posting a picture. I thought there was a high probability that you were delusional about “abs”. Like if you bend just a certain way under perfect lighting there is a faint 4 pack. You proved me wrong.

Yeah, no reason to lie. It’s a lot easier to be big and semi lean when you’re as short as I am and on 400mg test a week lol.

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Bro that’s not “semi” anything. That’s damn big. Even on 400mg, that’s big. Hell I took 3-400mg several times for a three month stints and never touched more than 215lbs with prob similar BF levels. I’m 5’7 so also pretty short.

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