Adding Deca to TRT to Fix Muscle Imbalances

I have written a rather long post about my shoulder injury and my strategy to fix it by adding deca, and then I deleted it because it was just too long. I will go straight to the point.

I have shoulder issues due to muscular imbalances (between my back and my front), and shoulder stabilizer muscles issues.

After years of exercising, I also realized that I’m not making much gains in the muscle department… Not that I weight lift a lot, but still… so I tested my T and it was low. I’ve been self administering it and doing the blood work for about 5 months now, and I sort of got it dialed in.

So day after the subq injection of cypionate (62mg, every 3 days):
My T is 8.26 ng/ml (reference range: 2 - 7.40)
My estrogen is 70 pg/ml (reference range: 11 - 43)

Bit high on Estrogen, and I think I felt it (no morning woods, bitchy…), so I lowered T to 40mg every 3 days, and added zinc supplement).
Will check my blood work this week to see if the E is down and if not, will consider arimidex, and get the T back up.

Now I’m thinking of adding deca for it’s muscle building properties and selectively exercise and target muscles that seem to be causing my shoulder impingement and bad posture. I’ve had this shoulder issue for 3 years now, and where I live physio is extremely expensive so…that’s off the table.

I would be doing a deca cycle for 3-4 months, and just target and exercise muscles that the physio doctor explained to me are the problem for my bad posture, rounded shoulders and the shoulder impingement itself.

Is that strategy reasonable, and what would be deca dosage for somebody that never did it and based on the amount of test I’m already taking. I read people say 2:1 ratio is good start.

So if I take 40mg of test every 3 days, does that mean i should take 20mg of deca every 3 days then? The dosages seem to be off compared to what most people take, I read comments on youtube talking about 150-200 mg… and here I am, calculating it to 20mg…


Your test is above the norm, so you already have the muscle building properties. What you need is a physio and a good training plan(preferably not made by yourself).
You have no need for Deca and at the doses you are planning your body wont even notice them. Just a waste of a needle.


Yes, that’s what I’m thinking… but then again, my dose of test is also low, however, it would seem that my body is very sensitive to it. Was thinking that, for me, that low dose of deca would have similar beneficial effects like larger doses have for other men. Hence the question.

The reason for deca was not only working on my problematic stabilizer muscles, but apparently it has positive effects on tendons, and joints in general. Collagen production increase or something like that.

I mean, if I wasn’t in pain doing those selective shoulder/back exercises would be a lot more effective and I would reach my goal of fixing my back and my shoulders quicker. I’ve been doing the exercises for about 3 months and I do feel better, but not by much. I have this issue for 3 years now and it will probably take another year or more even to straighten me up, build up necessary muscles… and consequently get rid of the pain and restricted movement.

I already have a training plan for my shoulder and my back, and it’s not made by me. It’s made by physio guy I was working with, and I feel better…but far away from being OK.

At this point I’m just curious about it, and the case for using it to fix such shoulder injuries caused by muscle imbalances or to at least accelerate the progress.


The thing is… even if that dose of deca would work for you, there is no need. I mean, your goals require 0 steroids. Leave the anabolics for athletes and people who need em.

I think this is some sort of a side effect of TRT. People started taking steroids to feel normal. Just - normal. The point of TRT is basically takling steroids to just be normal.
Now the next phase is starting where people will take MORE steroids, to do physio stuff. I mean…you should see how that is a bit fucked up.
Whats next? 70yr old guys taking tren to get an erection? Its just a brutal misuse of these drugs.

Also, stuff doesnt work like that. If u are broken in some way, taking more steroids will not help fixing that. I am broken from years of kickboxing and mma, and i have been on grams of shit during and after, and guess what - everything is just as fucked up as it was before.
Taking deca will in no way speed up the physio. I have taken grams of deca for months and months and nothing i wanted to fix got fixed any sooner.

As far as joint benefits - deca masks the problem while its in the system. It doesnt really fix it like we would want to.


It may even mask some issues and make his problem worse. I started replying to his post but there is just so much wrong with what he is saying.

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You shouldn’t expect to gain much if you don’t put much into it. It is not easy to gain muscle for most people.

Spend some time evening those things out. If your back is weak compared to your chest, focus on your back for 6 months while putting chest on the back burner. See if that helps.

You don’t need Deca to do this. Just selectively exercise the target muscles. Do it a lot (make it your focus), and do it for 6 months.

If you want to use anything to help your issue, I’d suggest you research peptides like BPC-157 instead.

Injury rates of those using steroids is higher than that of those who don’t.


Can this point reach all people considering testosterone replacement treatment?

Include this along with TRT thought.

What you misunderstood is that my intention is not to take steroids to “fix the problem”. To actually fix the problem I would be doing specific exercises for very specific set of muscles, and stretching for other set of muscles. Deca on top of the TRT would be to speed development of those muscles up, which is what it does. Does it not?

If i can recover from an injury with no long term consequences in 3 months, wouldn’t you take that? Or you would prefer for your recovery to take 14 months instead and stop everything else you’re doing?

And again, i read more than one text saying it has strengthening effect on tendons and encourages cartilage production. I guess that’s wrong too…

I’m already home for 3 weeks now because of a broken rib…
Waiting to recover from that, so I can get back on schedule for my shoulder… so i can get back on my schedule for muay thai training, and I’m not getting any younger either.

I asked because I was curious to see what people think about my specific problem.
I’m not thinking of abusing it in any way, but people DO take certain combination of hormones and other things to speed up the recovery. If the combination is harmless in the long term, I don’t see a problem with that. If you know of such combination, and it is not deca, feel free to share your insight.

Legally in my country the only people who need them are very ill people with severe medical problems, lots of people want them and although illegal I think if they’re adult then so be it.

I do agree that as the OP is newly on TRT that that should go a long way towards what he wants, but I also think adding in 50mg of anything will increase his muscle building and recover potential because that’s what they’re made to do.
I don’t know if 50mg of deca will really be enough to actually “feel” so there’s the big temptation to up it “just a bit”. Then up it some more (been there done that).

That is literally why some were made I thought?

Personally I think @alekth85 do what you want mate, we all do/have and I think @hankthetank89’s first post

This and @mnben87’s post says it well.

That will SOO be me!
And as I sit in my hospital bed with my tren induced heart attack I’ll look down at my blanket, making a tent that all the nurses admire and know it was worth it…

Edit to add, not medically trained and I know very little about steroids and use them to recover from exercise and to feel good (f something made me recover really well but feel crap I wouldn’t do it). I’m 59 and probably shouldn’t be doing anything except doctor controlled TRT, however I like exercising and want to do it daily, to do this I’m needing steroids. This is not going to end well I know and I (think I ) can deal with that.
Take anything at your own risk…

I’m not misunderstanding. The only thing I said is deca may mask issues to where you think you are getting better but your not and now lifting more weight and possibly causing further issues. Been there and learned that lesson.

Not gonna happen.

I have had luck with peptides to help recover faster from injury. TB500 and BPC157 is a great combination.

Just my opinion: get yourself into a good physical therapy clinic to target fixing the injury. If you do this, I have no problem greenlighting the Deca in addition to TRT (your logic is sound). At least this way you absolutely know you are doing the right exercises to fix the issue (BTW - if the experts tell you only surgery will fix the issue or if it is genetically structural in nature, AAS wont help and will probably hurt just like the other posters said).

I might add a couple iu of GH to the protocol too, assuming it won’t further aggrevate your joint(s).

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You don’t need steroids to fix a shoulder imbalance. You’re just looking for a shortcut. And if you have actual damage, nothing will fix the damage except surgery and even that will likely never get you back to original condition.

You should be doing a lot more pulling than pushing. Do band pull aparts like it’s your job. Good luck.

I am 5 weeks into first cycle of Deca after 10 months of TRT. I had quite a lot of joint pain from heavy lifts, which I attribute to muscles developing /adapting more quickly than tendons and ligaments to my training regime. Got perscribed through my TRT clinic @ 200mg weekly.

I have really enjoyed Deca so far. Ive been underwhelmed by the joint/pain relief components but in terms of general strength gains and muscle growth I am definitely seeing the effects, and have been adding ~1lb a week of muscle while maintaining bodyfat, and hitting new PRs on my lifts. I have 3 weeks left on this cycle (8 weeks on/off) but I definitely want to keep this as part of my regiment moving forward, it has been a good addition for me.

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IMO, most physio’s are overated and a good one is hard to find anyway.

Do you deadlift and overhead press? With proper form? If not, why not?

Deca won’t do anything for your muscle imbalance issue. Deadlifts, presses and rows will.