Adding Deca to Test Cycle at 6 Weeks

I am currently running 500mg Test E per week (250 Sunday and Wednesday) on my 6th week.

I am planning on cutting the test down to 300mg a week and stacking it with 250mg Deca for the next 15 weeks.

This is my second test cycle, no negative sides thus far. Wanted to run an adjustment period prior to introducing the Deca.

Any opinions on this would be appreciated?


Ever run Deca before?

Not everybody gets it but Deca Dick is a real thing. NPP is a shorter ester than deca and supposedly comes with less sides but NPP did a number on my erection quality.

Bottom line…you need to be aware of the possible sides.

I wanted to run at least a month on the test alone, mainly to see how it effected my body, and to know whether what I am feeling is the test or the Deca. For example if test would make me bloated and adjust according. I have Arimidex on hand.

This would be my first Deca cycle, I understand the potential risks, undoubtedly scary, people still use it. I already have the Deca (couldn’t get ahold of NP) as I planned on starting it with the test but want to get a feel out as a precaution.

As far as the length of cycle, from what I understand taking take Deca for less than 15 can potentially be a waste.

Deca can be a great steroid for gains and strength. As long as you know the impacts and that some people experience LONG TERM effects from nandrolone use.

If you do get ED, drop the Deca and start Masteron to raise your DHT levels. It should help with ED.

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Hard to justify the use of nandrolone unless you know how your body reacts already. The risks are kind of stupid when you think about how it’s essentially interchangeable with a few other compounds.

I used it at therapeutic doses for a while and now, even knowing how great it made me feel and how I had zero side effects, I still won’t touch it again. Kind of no point in hitting the gym and sculpting a very masculine body if the price is no longer having a working wanker.


Lmao, thanks yuppie & hammer, I’m aware of these risks, pretty set on running it as I already purchased. My logic here is probably silly, if your body is going to react negatively it doesn’t matter where your test levels are. My question is if I’m better off starting the test and Deca together on a future cycle, OR dial the test back a little implement the Deca now, for somewhere between 10-15 weeks, cut the Deca two weeks prior to the test, PCT start two weeks after last test pin.

I wouldn’t dial back the test if adding Deca. If anything you need to run a good bit higher ratio of test to deca to help avoid the ED issues. That or add mast to the cycle.

I think it’s better to start them together, yes. In future cycles you should consider using NPP instead. Seems like an easier ester to work with for a lot of guys. I have a bunch of vials if it but won’t use them (which is very sad).

Would you say EQ is the interchangeable drug of choice here?

I’d say that EQ would be the most logical choice. But I can also imagine a combination of various things that would get the same kind of results.

On TRT currently. Never blasted yet, but in the near future. Thinking 400-500 test per week, but EQ has always had an appeal to me.

I was just going to cut it down to 300 on the test 250 on the Deca. Continue running together for about 12 weeks. Obviously cut the Deca 2 weeks before test.