Adding Deca onto TRT

Hi guys

I’m currently on TRT 50mg Test E 2X per week, this puts me at the very top of normal range.

I am thinking about taking Deca, what is the lowest dose I could possibly take for the increased collagen and joint support?

My joints are fucked from crashing E2 for 3 months so I want to help them out and the extra collagen would be nice.

I’m not bothered about mass gains, hence just looking for the lowest dose possible for these effects with minimal sides

Thanks for you help

Just for context, you’re aware the joint benefits given by nandrolone aren’t permanent right? I took it once (NPP) for about 3 wks (or was it four weeks, I’ll never remember the exact amount of time, probably somewhere in between 3-4wks), joints felt great, three weeks off it and everything was back to normal.

The benefits one gets with regards to joints from nand probably isn’t from collagen synthesis, otherwise oxandrolone and stanozolol would also be known to help with joint pain. Nand is likely anti-inflammatory and/or increases pain threshold in some way or another. But who knows, not enough research

If you’re in a lot of pain, go to a doctor/ physiotherapist and see if there’s anything that can be done, if not (or the only solution is painkillers) then you can look for alternate avenues.

I know joint pain can be a real pain in the ass, however it’s always best to see if there’s a non pharmacologic option that can be taken, potential long term effects from nandrolone are numerous (and in general nand is just riskier than testosterone), have you taken it before (just curious)

Hi, thank you for your reply, so fortunately my joints don’t hurt, they are dry and clickly and noisy, so I was hoping it would help with this.

I’ve never used Deca before, I’ve only ever cycled Test, dbol and anavar, nothing else.

Do you think the increased collegan synthesis has a good effect on the skin?

100mg/w for 20 weeks is a therapeutic dose and timeframe. That’s what my doc prescribed me and I enjoyed it. But as Unreal said, the benefits aren’t permanent. I did get at least five months of relief though.