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Adding Deca for Joint Pain


Wow, your doc sure sounds progressive! Wont touch the 19nor’s myself as ive used them a lot in the past and felt like shite on them, not to mention the estrogenic/progestogenic side… But that was at supra-physiological doses so you may be ok


Nandrolone Deca is difficult to get prescribed, usually only those with muscle wasting disease can get it.


deca for joint pain that quick. What is your e2? age? low e2 causes joint pain. If its low and “your dr.” adding deca - thats a fail.

am sure people in the phrama group would live to see “your dr.”


I’m 37…have had knee issues for years before starting TRT. Don’t have e2 level available right now, but it was high enough to need arimidex to lower.


Guys in their 30s have noticed significant joint benefit from nandrolone. Doctor needs to properly evaluate and document, but they can prescribe nandrolone for relief of joint pain off label. The pharmacy may require a written statement that it is for joint pain to cover their ass.

Nandrolone did not seem to help me at all, but sermorelin does. Keep an eye on your lipids.


Nandrolone can get prescribed off label as adjunct therapy to aid in helping joint pain in certain countries. Muscle wasting diseases (or general muscle wasting post surgery etc), anaemia from renal failure or asplastic anemia, adjunct therapy for osteoporosis (increase bone density), and restoring positive nitrogen balance in catabolic states are all valid approved reasons for prescribing nandrolone. Back in the day it was also used to treat growth retardation in children (oxandrolone and fluoxymesterone replaced that, then growth hormone), anaemia (various causes), severe burns (oxandrolone replaced), advanced metastatic breast cancer and it may have been used as an eye drop medication in the form of nandrolone sulfate.

Prescribing guidelines as an anabolic after catabolic illness call for super, super low doses, like 25-50mg every 3-4 weeks, I’m not bashing medicine however these doses are too low to have any serious beneficial impact. For anemia the guidelines are a bit higher, like 100-200mg/wk and for aids doses can be even higher, with one study showing high efficiency and short term safety at 600mg/wk


That is a lot of arimidex for a high SHBG guy. I would check E2 again, make sure you aren’t making the joint issues worse.

Also, im interested in this. I have terrible knee issues from LOWERING my e2 too much. Getting close to 2 years now without being able to run/squat/jump…


Would Be interested to hear from others with knee issues how they get a good leg workout. Right now all I can do are deadlifts and machine exercises.


Appreciate the advice, will follow up on cholesterol a few weeks in. Any suggestions on how to be proactive on controlling lipids? Supplement DHA/EPA and limit red meat/saturated fats?


That’s easy: I don’t

I love when I see guys put up their squat numbers and I just sort of wonder what it’s like to be able to do that without collapsing.


Agreed…it sucks! Can’t make much progress on the leg press and leg/hamstring curl machines.


You don’t work legs at all? Or you don’t get a good leg workout.

@Johnbu1981 My knees hurt but I still do like 180-200kg on the leg press when I have a good day, other days I’ll go for a good pump instead, my shoulders are far, far worse than my knees, I can’t do much chest stuff (not impingement related either I have awesome shoulder mobility) with nandrolone I’m able to go heavier on the chest stuff but otherwise I just go for a pump, although sometimes I quit mid chest workout because I can’t take the pain and move on to tricepz. I believe Nandrolone helps a TON, dose doesn’t even have to be high either, I get relief on 50mg/wk! Sometimes I just push through pain though, I’m sure it’ll have terrible consequences down the line however I reeeeaaaallly enjoy bodybuilding, therefore I’m taking a risk. I don’t squat though, I hack squat and go very slowly with light weights focusing on a pump, I find this to be easier on the knees than barbell squats which kill my knees for days after

Real question is, how is this guys knee cartilage not ground to dust


I take a lot of fish oil. Sometimes it just your genes and doesn’t matter how healthy you eat. If things get too crazy, HDLs bottom out, etc., you simply need to take a break. With some there is no effect on lipids.


Part one would be to do leg curls BEFORE squats. Helps loads to get blood down there circulating


Oh I definitely work legs, just can’t squat. I do Leg press, leg and hamstring curls, and I deadlift. Just can’t do anything where I squat. Can’t run, but I walk on the treadmill at high elevations. Was told I might have a torn meniscus.


I don’t squat and my leg press is limited not by strength but by the overall load that my knee can handle (which is maybe 250 on a good day). So I do limited leg training and instead use my finite supply of good knee days for cardio-related stuff (stair climber, LISS elliptical or treadmill, et al). I’m ok with it, by the way. I don’t need a monster squat in order to be satisfied with my workouts. If I could wave a magic wand and make my knees better I would do it. But I don’t sweat it because as long as I can still get at least three cardio sessions in every week I’m happy.


Started the Deca today. Doctor gave 1ml Deca (which I believe is 200 iu’s) along with 230 iu’s of cypionate. Will update as to my progress! Wondering how long it takes to see any effects, I’m hoping soon!


Took me five weeks to notice any changes in how I felt. That’s typical for deca, because of the very slow breakdown of the ester.


What was your dosage?


100mg/w for what ended up being 14 weeks.