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Adding Dbol to Test. Length?

I’m almost 8 weeks into my cycle and have some dbol on hand that I’m thinking about running for the last weeks of my cycle ( planning the cycle to end at14 or 16 weeks depending on how long I’m gonna run dbol)
so my question was how long should I run dbol for? 30mg as my fixed dose (because it makes me lose appetite/feel moody. I tried 50mg once and dropped it because of this). also liver wise I had bloodwork done and it says my AST and ALT are 13 and 7 ( in that order)
I’ve been told that those are too low and been wondering if that would have any negative effects?

Low levels of AST/ALT in the body are typically normal, are to be expected barring hepatic strain

As to cyclic length, general consensus keeps c17aa compounds limited to 4-6 weeks of duration. Given the adverse effects particularly orals tend to have on cholesterol, blood pressure, haematological parameters (anadrol will increase RBC count faster than just about anything), it’s generally best to keep duration of use on the shorter side

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