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Adding Dbol to My HRT

I’m currently 6 ft 225 lb. I workout 6 days a week, my HRT is currently 400mg of test cyp every 10 days. I’m thinking of adding 30mg of D Bol everyday with .5mg of nolvadex everyday for 6-8 weeks.

My question is what can I do to keep most of my gains?
Should I increase my test cyp to every week at 200 mg instead of every ten days? My Dr. Prefers 10 opposed to weekly.
This is not my first cycle, but it is my first oral cycle.
Any advice will be appreciated!

I also use 500iu twice a week HCG.

I don’t have much advice, but funny enough my HRT is 200 test eth a week, and I just picked up 500 Dbol,first time trying this combo. I’ve been on HRT for two years, and have bumped test up to 1000 for 6 weeks, than went back to normal dose, with no PC afterwards, I was wondering what to do with the Dbol. Thanks for the thread

Anything over 500 test and I look like I have chicken pox. Do you use HCG for the boys?

Dont worry about it you will keep most of your gains as you are on TRT, but I would change my injections to 200mg every 5 days if it were me.

Popeye, do you have any experience with similar cycle?

I am on TRT. I stay on 250mg a week yearly as well as add at least 2 cycles a year. I dont run dbol as much as I used to though as Im 5’11", 240lbs and I dont really need to add to my weight unless it improves my powerlifting numbers. I love dbol and have nothing really bad to say about it. Makes you feel good, makes you lift good!

Throw that dbol in there and have fun

Buds, do you have any experience with HRT and Dbol?

I have experience with dbol, I’m not on TRT but do have a little bit of knowledge of it

A TRT protocol of one injection every 10 days is horrible.

Ok no advise on how to keep gains. About what time should I take the three pills if I workout around 6pm dAily? Any water retension secrets you guys wanna share?

Vtballa, I know but he keeps telling me I only have so many receptors. Oh by the way my Dr. Is a beast he’s been juicing a long time.

You can take the dbol split thoroughf the day or right around your workout it’s up to you. To help keep gains rest, make sure your eating enough for your newly acquired gains and keep lifting. As for the water retention I tend to puff up pretty good but running an AI helps.