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Adding Daily Nolvadex?

Question. I have been on trt for years. 57 now. I started adding 20 mg daily nolvadex to 275 test prop a week. Thoughts from anyone or @physioLogic ?
Hcg not working anymore. Was going to try clomid also. Ball and load size are concerns. Not going off trt.

Definitely helps with ball size, loads. Also keeps any gyno/high E2 symptoms away. I’d try 10mg/day, it should do the job with nolvadex.

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As a 55 year old, I gotta ask WHY? My wife sure doesnt want a big load in her mouth and she could care less about my ball size. What she DOES care about is me having a solid erection when it counts.

If this is about vanity brother, I think I would reconsider.

LOL ditto my friend.

@barrybarry Less drugs = better. Nolvadex affected my libido some. Not sure I see the point here.

Doesn’t care about ball size, and won’t let me finish like that anymore (in the mouth). How did you manage to keep that privilege? I assume you have been married a while now. She will have sex with me pretty much when I want (unless I try to go to 2 a days, she just can’t physically handle it), so that is a plus.

To OP, smaller balls make the dick look bigger. I haven’t had much of a difference in load amount (or at least I haven’t noticed).

Its like the “white buffalo”…rare as fuck! LOL

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Thank you beyond. Appreciate your input. Did you try it also?

Yes, I’ve used both clomid or nolva depending upon what I have at the time.

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Which did you prefer? What were the differences for you? Thank you for responding to my question.

Not much difference, but Nolva is a bit stronger, so you need less.
You need to stay aware of any potential side effects like floaters in your vision, and when on clomid for a long time I seem to get aching feet, especially in the morning. Reduce daily dose if that happens. Apparently women on nolvadex for long periods of time for breast cancer report sore feet as a symptom, of usage.
I never get it if I’m doing a proper cycle, but on a TRT dose of 125mg/wk, (or at the end of PCT, when I used to cycle steroids) I can get the sore feet thing. Might be a good idea to go on HCG for a while when that happens to break things up a bit. Never had access to HCG until recently.

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Did you notice balls grew or more ejaculate? The several brands of Hcg I have gotten all tests negative on pregnancy test do I’ve given up on it. Last real batch was years ago.

Nolva or clomid definitely reduces ball shrinkage, and provides more ejaculate, than if your not taking any serms.

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Excellent. Libido wise any difference? This was interesting. I’ve noticed a bit of a drop with nolva but never tried clomid on trt with test.

no noticeable difference for me.

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Ok. Thank you again for your input. Really appreciate it!

Sorry it’s 350 a week I am doing. 50mg daily. Usually my trt is 200 a week but trying higher dose now for a month and loving it. 10 mg nolvadex is still around the average amount? Eventually I’ll try clomid just to see the difference in me that would be approx 25 mg a day?

Try 10mg Nolva, if needed go up to 20mg/day. 25mg for clomid.

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