Adding creatine to in-workout carb drink, (JB style)

I want to use creatine while on the massive eating plan, but I’m not sure where I can incorperate it, since it is in a “creatine delivery system” (glucose+maltodexterin). Carb sources for the protein + carb meals should all be low glycemic and high fiber, so this seems to be no place for the creatine drink, and post-workout I’m using surge and don’t want any of the dynamics of this supplement messed up by the creatine, so the in-workout drink is all I can think of. So what is your take on this John B, or anybody else???

Mr. Berardi I take Riboforce HP by EAS and take it immediately after my workout. It contains a small amount of carbs. then I take my post workout shake, I run track so I figuered this would be the easiest. I bought surge and I plan on taking it like fifteen minutes after the RIBOFORCE. What do you think? or anyone else?

I have all my athletes do the Surge immediately after the workout and then eat about 60-90 min later. During this second meal I have them take all their extra goodies like creatine, ribose, etc.