Adding Creatine to Acidic Juices?

I like to add lime juice to my shakes. But I’ve heard it converts creatine to creatinine, is that right?

But i’m not sure about citric acid, i’ve heard it’s acidic but becomes alkalinic once ingested. So is it possible that it will convert the creatinine back to creatine?

Nikhil Rao addressed this in his recent article about creatine Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION It basically says even if creatine is left in a solution with a pH of 3.5 for three days only 21% of creatine will convert to creatinine. This makes sense because your stomach acid is much more acidic than any juice and creatine still is an effective supplement. And no creatinine will not convert back to creatine.