Adding Coconut Milk to Shakes

Anybody have a take on this? I just started adding a couple of servings of “Lite” coconut milk to a shake (pumpkin, ground flax seeds, handful cranberries, banana creme protein… delicious), just to get some more calories and saturated fat, which, incidentally, I don’t get much of that I can count.

Do any of you go slightly out of your way to get saturated fat (this 2 servings has 8 grams), or do you just assume you’ll get ~ 1/3 daily fat from meat and eggs (and milk for those that drink it)?

On that same note, do most of you aim for 1/3 1/3 1/3 saturated: polyunsaturated: monounsaturated, or do you just separate your PF and PC meals, add polyunsaturated fats (flax and fish oils), and let the details work themselves out?



Why go with lite? Go with normal coconut milk. It’s less tampered with. If you want it lighter, just add less :slight_smile:

I usually go for 33% of poly, mono, and saturated, yeah. I’m not anal about it, however, I do supplement with coconut oil and fish oil.

Haven’t tried coconut milk, but I do use coconut oil for cooking, and I will also melt that and put it into shakes.

Good job on realizing that your saturated fat intake may be too low, that tends to happen when you eat a variety of protein sources, especially if you’re not eating many eggs or red meat.

Like graphicsman said, I’m not overly anal about it, but I do shoot for a balanced fat intake.

Some time ago I read a lengthy study on coconut oil. Since then it has found it’s way into my home, and into shakes. Some doctor wrote an article on coconut oil saying that using it internal, or external was good for your skin. Keep it using it sparingly. I think you are on a right track.