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Adding Clenbuterol to Cycle

Sup guys, thinking of adding clenbuterol to my cycle just to help loose some belly fat and also I will be doing some cardio during my cycle.

My question is, where in my cycle should I add the clen, and for how long. Also dosage advice.

Plan for cycle is as follows.

Weeks 1-16
600mg sus250 p/w

Weeks 1-4
40mg Dbol p/d

Weeks 10-18
Anavar 50mg p/d

Weeks 20-28

(P.s this will be my third cycle, first cycle was 12 weeks test e only and second cycle was 12 weeks sus250 only)

Clen won’t determine your body composition. That’s 100% diet. If you’re cutting then test and anavar should be more than enough. Clen has a wide range of side effects, many of them guaranteed. Given how little impact it can have on a so-so cut I would say it doesn’t have much of a place in 99% of the population’s tool kit.

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Thanks for your advice, I probably won’t end up using clen, I was just considering it to loose some belly fat.

are you aware of the risks clen imposes, the synergistically risky effect when combined with AAS? I can’t see why anyone other then a competitive BB would use clean to lose a bit of belly fat… the risks far outweigh the rewards… then again on r/steroids you’ve got guys megadosing DNP, stating “it’s not as bad as you think it is”…

Off topic. But what does your 8 week PCT consist of? @fash101

If your not already below atleast 10% body fat then clen won’t help you, and will not be worth the extra sides. I read a couple articles saying it might help burn like an extra 180-200 calories depending on your weight and composition, that’s not worth taking a drug for. It will give you bad anxiety and the shakes are the worst. I tried it once, never again.

everyone ive heard talk about clen says you have to use an unfunctionable amount of it to get any kind of results.

Weeks 21-24
40mg Nolvadex, 20mg Clomid

Weeks 25-28
20mg Nolvadex, 10mg Clomid


That PCT looks like overkill to me. Usually 4 weeks is plenty. Clomid not required.