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Adding Clen During Cycle or PCT?

Hi everyone,

I’m running a mild cycle of Var @40mg twice daily. Also have added mk-677 and have seen pretty great results from it.

I train primarily for strength but have gained 10lbs since starting the mk-677 and have been thinking about adding clen as my bodyfat is already on the high side.

Looking for thoughts as to whether I should add it during my current cycle or wait for PCT and add it then to try to cut a bit after the fact?

I’m an easy gainer so not really worried about it hindering any gains, but worried if I add it post cycle I will lose more than I normally would.

Also, what kind of dose of clen would you recommend??

Thanks in advance.

If your bf is on the high side then your problem can be solved in the kitchen and not in a bottle. Mk is known to cause some serious fluid retention, so 10lbs is not out of the question. What’s your pct look like?

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Thanks for the reply.

I’m working pretty hard on my diet, counting macros and hitting 40%Protein/30Carb/30Fat with a calorie count of 2300 which should put me in quite the deficit… but my body has always been one that would gain weight by looking at food. Great for strength gains, terrible for abs.

As for PCT was just going to run Nova at 40/20/20 since it was a fairly non suppressive cycle.

Any thoughts?

I’m in the same boat weight gain wise, so i feel your pain. That’s a good enough pct, but if it isn’t going to be a bother I’d run it out four weeks just to be safe. You could get away with it the way it is, I’m sure. But I’m super conservative, so I always imagine the worst case scenario then work backwards.

How do you like the mk? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and it seems like an intriguing compound.

Love it. I sleep great, and feel like it has really helped add strength and fullness to my muscles. I take it before bed to avoid the hunger side effects. I notice I wake up with a very dry mouth but other than that nothing but positive things to say. Taking 30mg before bed.