Adding Clen and Cytomel to Cycle

I’m in the 5th week of my 1st cycle of cypionate test
. I am taking 400 mgs per week. I haven’t noticed any gains yet and was thinking of adding clenbuterol and cytomel to aid in fat loss. Would this be o.k. to do? I am trying to do a clean bulk is this why my weight has not increased? Thanks for your help!!

you should go put on your flame retardant suit if you have one…

your point being?

Why don’t you throw DNP and Helio’s in there as well. Make it a first cycle to remember.

Bro: If you want to bulk, adding cytomel and clen is probaby not the best idea unless you are cutting, especially since you are not seeing gains from your current cycle.

So let me get this straight, you are taking 400mg/wk of a bulking agent (test cyp) and you had the brilliant idea to add in another drug that increases your metabolism? You would make the cyp useless, because for it to work you need a caloric surplus.

Perhaps you should have done a little more research before making the decision to venture down this path…

T3 and clen for a bulking cycle? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

List your diet.

List your training.

List your goals.

Adding T3 and Clen to this cycle is throwing good money after bad.

I had great luck with equibol and cypionate also check your protein intake