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Adding Cardio to the Mix


Hey guys. I am currently doing a 5 day split:


I am a beginner who is 6'1 195 lbs. I really like the program, and people have okayed my routine and the exercises so I am not looking to switch up my lifting routine. However, as you can see from my picture I am a fatass. What bf% am I at? I wear a size 34 jeans, but they are starting to not fit quite right and I definitely do not want to go up a pant size for all my pants. I want to gain lean mass, but I am also hoping to cut my waist down a little. I want to throw in some cardio into my training, but I want to do it properly so it won't kill my lean gains. If I am working out 5 x a week, would cardio after lifting be overkill? I would imagine it would be best to lift and then run for a little bit after at a decent pace. My ultimate goal is to have about a 32 inch waist and have lean muscle. I am NOT looking to be big and meaty I just want to be lean and muscular. I am working on my diet currently, and looking to have as clean a diet as humanly possible.

My main question is how can I best incorporate cardio into my program, and is it possible to lose a little fat while gaining lean muscle if my diet is in order? Thanks a lot for your help guys!


all muscle is "lean"... Thats like saying you need to go to the ATM machine lol

This is the big item right here^^ Post your diet and you'll get tips/critiques on it.

Yes it is possible. Like i said above your diet is going to be the big issue here. You need to get your diet in order ASAP.

as far as the cardio goes I would add it in after your lifting. You can switch it up between steady state stuff (like the stairclimber or incline treadmill walking) or some HIIT (high intensity interval training... Like riding a bike for 20 seconds sprint, 40 seconds recovery. Something like that) or my personal favorite of sprints. They are awesome and hill sprints are gettin a lot of love these days (except for when you're doing them. they suck)

So that would be my suggestions for you. Good luck OP


Here is my diet now a days. I don't like to cook and I don't mind eating raw veggies. I like to make it as EASY as possible to eat as Healthy as possible. I even make my protein shake mix the night before and have it for breakfast the next day. Here is my current diet more or less.

Breakfast (Preworkout Meal) 7:00 AM
-1 cup of oats
-12 oz of milk
-1.5 scoops of ON whey
- 1 big spoonful of PB
(all in one big shake)


PWO meal : 9:30 AM
-1.5 scoops of whey
-glass of milk
-1 cup of oats

-Double Protein Bread

-protein bar

-chicken breast
-raw cup of broccoli
-sweet potato
-glass of milk

-before sleep
-glass of milk


Do you know what the total calorie and estimated macro breakdown of your diet is? I'm not an expert on diets, but I don't think the 2 glasses of milk for dinner and before sleeping are such a good idea if your goal is to lose bodyfat. There is a lot of sugar in milk and this will not help your goals. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, as I don't want to lead OP astray.

Also, removing the peanut butter from your shake in the morning might help to reduce the calories a bit.

I think cardio after your workouts is a good idea, but don't jump into balls to the wall sprints or something because then you may get burnt out really quickly. Start with some steady state and a few diet tweaks and see where it takes you.


30 mins low intensity post workout. Start off at 2 days a week.