Adding Cardarine and Osterine to PCT?

Was recently told adding those to PCT was “crucial” opinions?


Ostarine wouldn’t make sense but cardarine would. There is a “cancer risk” associated with using cardarine, so you need to be comfortable with that if you are going to take it, but yes, it would benefit a PCT.

Almost everyone on the pharma section runs the same pct. Tamoxifen at 40mgs the first two weeks and 20mg thereafter. If it didn’t work you wouldn’t see all the vets doing it that way. There’s folks that think tapering down the test is beneficial but pct-wise you rarely see anyone deviate from just Tamoxifen. I think it was you that posted that long list of pct shit (something like 6 different drugs) that had those two on there.

Evolution forums has a whole sticky on it. But I just now saw they also have hella SARM sponsors as well. I’ve had one other person I know personally say the ostarine was super beneficial. I have tamox and chlomid as well as running the HCG. What I saw about the ostarine was it supposedly lowers cortisol to help keep gains which would be nice. But I have all essentials needed for standard PCT. They just suggested adding those to primary PCT

Don’t run HCG during pct.

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Nope, plan to run it on cycle

The Ostarine could suppress you and at the very least hinder your recovery and draw out your PCT. Two comments on that:
A. Those forums will give you a bunch of bs about how studies showed no shutdown in 4 weeks of use, but who uses 3mg/day of Ostarine after a cycle like was used in those studies? They recommend 25mg/day which is obviously different. Also, you’re shutdown from your cycle to begin with when you start PCT, so Ostarine not shutting people down on its own in 4 weeks is irrelevant.
B. People lose some of their gains from Ostarine after they stop taking it. Even if it helps you retain a little extra of your gains from the cycle, you’re gonna lose even more of that after you finish the Ostarine. Not worth risking a failed PCT IMO.

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The people at Evo are borderline retarded. Like, most of the dudes over there wouldn’t be legally allowed to be executed in most states. Seriously, don’t listen to anything they say. There, I just saved you a ton of trouble in the future. You’re welcome.

Ostarine is suppressive. You might as well run anavar or winstrol on your pct while you’re at it.


Welp i guess that’s settled lol

Holy shit are you right. I’ve never seen more clueless dumbasses and bullshit scam sources being recommended than on that forum. There’s still people out there talking about front loading gear, and running 1 mg of arimidex EOD on a 500/wk test cycle.

Decided to just run cardarine from week 4-16 of my cycle. Figured if I can amp up my cardio will help me hit my target BF. Not to sure I’m gonna dabble with any androgenic sarms just yet