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Adding Cardarine/Alpha Yohimbine to Cutting Stack?

Note: I am not concerned with safety of cardarine at all. Cancer, liver, etc. I have looked over the studies and that is my conclusion, in case that factors in to anyone recommending it. I plan to use for 4 weeks

Started at 207 about 8 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago started carnivore exactly

I’m 5’9” 179lbs. My question is what do you think of me adding:
Cardarine 10-20mg
Alpha yohimbine 2-4mg

I have not been to gym or done cardio my entire dieting due to work and being lazy but I just began going again today. I want to do 4 sessions of fasted cardio a week.

I’m on:
200mg Test Cyp/week
100mcg t4 25mcg t3(was low on bloodwork)
800mg L carnitine (injectedim. I’m on 2nd day taking)

Diet: 2lbs 80/20 Beef daily (aim for an 18-21 hour fast daily)

I’ve been off caffeine/Sudafed and plan to take this entire month off of it. Was sort of like a daily lite ECA stack I was taking for congestion. I mainly want to know if you think cardarine will benefit my cardio performance? I had some lying around. First day of alpha yohimbine 4mg today has my heart rate at 180 doing include treadmill(very high lol). Should I continue with these for this month while I continue cutting. Roughly 7-8 weeks or my entire diet I have not lifted nor done cardio besides walking at work. Thanks for any advice!
I don’t want to take: clen ephedrine caffeine.

Random info:
Blood sugar been a stable 80-100 all day even after eating, in morning, etc. after fasted cardio today and about 18 hours fasted it was 81. Have not seen in over 100 this entire carnivore diet. Has done wonders in helping me lean out although I do feel somewhat tired but that’s expected when at such a deficit

You said you were using the treadmill tho, with high HR? So is this a zero workout, all pills cutting plan? Doesn’t sound viable

I’ve lost 30 lbs from diet alone in 8 weeks so I’d say it’s viable. And yes I just added in cardio at gym. I started cutting 8 weeks ago at 207lbs

Example #9,868,451 of my mantra that exercise is a terrible way to lose weight. It’s all diet. All of it. It’s why no matter how much I lift, no matter how much cardio I do, I’m still fatter than I should be because dammit I love carbs.


Haha yeah I am about to cry after zero/low carb for 4 weeks straight now. I’ve had a few days of 10-12g of carb in form of nuts but I’m hoping this 45mins of cardio 3-4x per week and yohimbine help me get a little leaner haha

The cardarine made 45 minutes a joke today I love the stuff

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Fair enough. Let us know how it goes

175 lbs

Had to stop cardarine it was causing hypoglycemia like feeling and starving!
Just added mast today let’s see what happens