Adding Carbolin 19 or Alpha Male?

my current goals are to build muscle cleanly with the lowest amount of excess fat gains as possible.

current supplementation
fish oil daily 2x
ZMA nightly
creatine morning/pwo
Surge during/pwo
Metabolic Drive pm

would adding Carbolin 19 be a beneficial supp to add to my routine or should i try something like Alpha Male?

24 yrs old 5’9" 143 lbs

I’d go with Carbolin 19, but you’ll never know which works best for you until you try both.

the Alpha Male has Carbolin 19 in it but at 24 am i too young still to be supplementing with a test booster?

No, you’re not too young for Alpha Male.

Alpha Male is my choice since it already contains Carbolin 19 and I’ve had good results with it.

ok sounds good,
think ill give it a try

its a hard choice i’ve been searching threads, will Alpha Male be beneficial…what should i expect from it, would i be better just buying bcaa’s instead???

any ideas guys, im going to make my purchases this week, along with another tub of Surge, i want some insight on which might be a better choice in the long run…thanks

Go with Alpha Male.