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Adding Calories: Low Carb Diet

I’m currently trying to bulk once again after what I would say have been a couple of failed attempts to bulk correctly. In the past I have tried to bulk mainly with high carb/protein diets but didn’t really seem to work for me. I did put on weight considerably fast but on top of gaining, I think, more fat than muscle, high carbs made me tired and bloated plus shit all day.

At 210 and with a considerable belly I decided to cut down for spring break using a budget version of the velocity diet (college student with limited budget) which seem to work pretty well. I dropped down to 188 without losing much strength and being as lean as I’ve ever been.

However, being below 10% fat (id like to think so) it’s time to bulk once again. What I’m currently doing is very similar to the Anabolic Diet: low carb, high fat/ protein diet, with a carb load on the weekends. The two modifications I’ve made are to use carbs peri workout and only have a single carb load meal during the weekend instead of two whole days. Despise the cravings I get for carb foods sometimes I do think they are not too beneficial for me.

Well its been about 2 and half weeks on this diet and my body weight hasn’t changed too much. I’ve gone from about 188 to 189, although I do look considerably leaner in front of the mirror (I do use sneakers as a measure).

I used nutritriondata to get a rough estimate of what my diet breaks down to be:
4250 calories
2% carbs
45% fats

Protein: about 3 pounds of mainly chicken breast plus leans meats throughout the day plus 5 whole omega 3 eggs at breakfast. 8oz cottage cheese 30 minutes before bed

Fat: Fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil. (taking several teaspoons of the last two throughout the day)

Carbs: about 90g peri workout

My question is (sorry about the long post), how should I go about adding calories?

According to nutritiondata Im already getting well above 2g protein /pound of weight.

Should I just increase fat intake?

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are on the right track. I suggest adding 300-500 calories/day. Attempt to get your protein/fat ratio to about 50/50. Give it 2 weeks and if your not adding size/weight then add more calories.

If you truely have gone from 188-189 (not just water fluctuation or something) in two weeks, thats not bad. As you know, putting on muscle is a slow process. My last bulk was about 1 lb per week, and I think that I was gaining a little too much fat, but that is from my experience.

Go with what ACTrain said, thats a good way to go about it, and dont be in any hurry.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try adding 300 extra calories of fat and wait to see what effect that has.

I would say drop the chicken and replace it with beef.

More oil, more protein as whole eggs instead of lean “XXX” (that will give you fat and cals), nuts, animal fats (if your eating pattern allows them)

Added about 400 calories to my daily intake mainly from almonds (a pound for 6 dollars seemed like a reasonable price), and some extra oil. I’ll give it 10 days before I decide to increase again.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

freshlifter, thanks for posing this question. i am in a very similar situation.

were results anymore favorable since the addition of fats on this bulk?

Truthfully, I’d say your current approach is pretty well spot-on, just as ACTrain mentioned. You’ve managed to keep the sources of all your macros very clean. I’m a bit confused - are you currently consuming carbs peri-workout? If so, that would shift your macros a more well-rounded, perhaps even favorable, ratio. Any updates?