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Adding Boldenone to Second Cycle


I've been looking into my second cycle and was thinking about adding some Boldenone to my stack. I've heard good things about the drug but I personally don't know anyone who's used it. This is how I was thinking about running it.

Weeks 1-12
500 mg test C
300 Mg boldenone

I will be using and AI during the cycle, probably adex and will be using a serm for my pct.


I personally find boldenone undeclynate a very weak anabolic which gives no noticeable effect over a strong anabolic like test'rone.

I do know others who like it.. however.

The one solid thing that can be said here is that 300mg is too low.



What was your first cycle?

I agree with Brook. Boldenone period isn't going to offer much IMO, and 300mg is too low if it did... I'd run 600mg myself and not worry about some magic ratio that some tout about the test needing to be higher, with any steroid, much less Boldenone which is latin for gains-none.


300mg? what E3D or something?


lol some would even consider 600mg/week to be on the low side.

Most people need almost 800 to see the gains they want.

Bold is a good drug, its just not very strong.


"Bold is a good drug, its just not very strong."

Well said.

don't expect much gains on 300mg of bold. Just think of it as a support drug purely for collogen synthesis, RBC and hunger.

If you want more gains, run some nandrolone instead. But your proposed cycle is fine for its intended purpose.

Don't get carried away with some magic ratio. Everyone have their own sweet spot.
The all time popular 500 test + 400 deca
is probably based on 2 amps of sust + 2 shots of norma deca@200mg per ml. You can run any dosages 325, 530 etc. It doesn't have to be a whole number. We all got calculators right?


I agree with this meph, also i think it is unnecessary for most guys to go above 400mg of deca.. and 200mg will work excellently for newbs too!

Love it.