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Adding Biotest's L-Leucine to Food


I'm thnking about ordering some Leucine but have one question. Can this be added to warm or hot food? I'm thinking I can throw this into some plain mashed sweet potatoes or slow cook oatmeal. But as I thought that I remember reading about how heat is bad for protein. That statement was in reference to protein shakes, does that stand true for this supplement too?


I used to ad 5g to my oatmeal after it was out of the mircowave. Aside from that, I would just add to my shakes, nothing too complicated. Don't overthink the hot foods aspect. I've seen way too many people obsess over protein getting denatured when cooked or added to something hot. You will certainly derive a lot more benefit from adding more protein (or aminos) to your diet than not. Besides, it all ends up shortly in the pit of acid that is your stomach where everything gets broken down anyway :slight_smile:



Lol, good point Stu. You said "used to" implying you stopped taking it? If so, any reason in particular? Did you replace it with something else?


There won't be a problem with heat in the situations you describe.

Personally I find it simpler to let my food be my food and my leucine be my leucine rather than try to mix them.


The better question, IMO, is whether or not you know if you can taste Leucine? I know that if I put Leucine in anything less than a full protein shake, I can taste the stuff and it tastes nasty...

If you can't taste it, then just put a scoop in a shot glass with water and take it down... No need to worry about heat and you can get it any time you want it.

If you CAN taste it, you won't want to put it in things like mashed potatoes or oatmeal unless you add a LOT of flavoring, so it's a moot point.


Yeah, I had just read the product info and the writer talked about putting it in food stuff, but I'm not adverse to drinking it milk, water, etc.

I've never had Leucine outside of Surge or MAG-10, so I have no idea what it tastes like. Here's to hoping...


Leucine is great. almost tasteless. I just take a scoop and dump it in my mouth and then wash it down with some water. its easy fast and i dont have to share it with my wife.


I just figured that with all the MAG-10 I down everyday (with the ANACONDA during my training, and the giant jug with 3-4 scoops that I carry around at work during the day), I probably wasn't lacking in Leucine. As far as the taste,.. I never really noticed. Of course the stuff I would add it to was either already powder mixed up (Metabolic Drive), or oatmeal (which is just all mushy anyway), so it was pretty undetectable as far as I was concerned.



See now I was actually wondering about that too. There's so much Leucine in MAG-10 and ANACONDA it seems as if you would hit that 20 gram per day target rather easily and very quickly.


I add it to protein drinks and it's almost impossible to notice it (but I do, a little). I agree with the idea that you should not mix it with your food - it can ruin the taste. Then you have a whole plate full of food that you have to force yourself to eat, rather than enjoy. Just mix your Leucine with water, and you will enjoy your food more, minus Leucine.

I would be afraid of accidently breathing some of the powder in, or choking on it. It's extremely fine powder and seems to stick. There's no advantage to taking it this way IMO, only additional risks. I don't take any other supplements this way, either, and cant imagine why I would .


I am not about to let the taste of the leucine ruin my entire meal. It's amazing that some people find it tasteless. I wish! To me, it is strongly and horribly bitter.


Don't you guys think mixing your leucine with food takes away the benefits? I only take it pre w.o. with isolate and juice. Seems to me the whole foods would slow the digestion of the leucine and you would lose out on the spike and maybe the protein synthesis trigger. Sounds like you guys only worry about hitting your daily gram goal. Please explain. I just got mine and want to use it to it's fullest potential.


For anyone wondering, read the article on here for L-Leucine. They were "pimping out" their food with it, sprinkling it on meals and what not.


In the original article discussing Biotest's product it set clear expectations about how much should be taken per day because research had shown that in excess of 20g / day it was lost it's effectiveness or something along those lines.

With that being said, I think between Surge Pre and Recovery, MAG-10, and ANACONDA I should be well covered on my daily Leucine in-take.