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Adding Benzyl Alcohol to Peptides


ok so basically when i went to reconstitute my ghrp6 and igf1 lr3 they did not dissolve all the way. The ghrp6 still has some gooey looking substance stuck to the bottom of the vial and the igf1lr3 still has tiny flakes floating around. What I used to reconstitute was just regular bac water.

I contacted the source and basically he told me that i should try adding very little amounts of benzyl alcohol to the peptide until it completely dissolves. Has anyone had to do this or heard of anyone doing this before? or are they basically garbage already?


every time I've reconstituted anything the minute the tiniest bit of water hits it it dissolves completely.

I dunno if I'd trust your peptides mate


do use bac water or bac water with sodium chloride .9% or does it even matter


always bac water mate


anyone know how make acetic acid? or its it just vinegar?


Got any ethanol?


i do not. oh well fuck it I'm just gonna pin them anyway i already tried the ghrp6 and it seems ok. after every pin my stomach will growl and i get a wave of tiredness then i want to eat


Yes, buy some white wine and add acetobacter to it. Just kidding...

Buy distilled white vinegar, it's usually made from corn or grain and is about 5% acetic acid and 95% water. Or if you are a "photography enthusiast", you can order glacial acetic acid and dilute it how ever you chose.


what's your peptide regime ELS?


well I'm cruising right now so i wanted to give some peps a go.

ghrp6 upon waking. another shot around 730pm and one more before bed. all dosed around 150mcg each.

igf1 lr3 just did first site injections in bis and tris an hour after training them at 20mcg per shot so 80mcg total. can't say i feel anything from this as of yet.

theres so much conflicting info on igf its fucking rediculous.


I ran ghrp6 for a while. Made me hold a ton of water so I stopped. And so ended my one and only ever peptide experience.


yeah i am not really opposed to some water weight right now and the appetite increase is definitely a benefit. im not sure of the quality of these peps though


From what I have read and been told by alot of athletes, is that if you get real igf1 it can do wonders but the likly hood of getting real stuff is small and that there are better options instead of wasting my money on fake stuff. Either way man you should do a log there isn't enough logs for peptides on here