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Adding Anavar to TRT?

Hi there.

Quick stats.

36 years old
185cm (6ft1)
92kg (204 pounds)
18% BF

Started TRT protocol 2 months ago (80mg cyp per week split into two 40mg sub q injections) going well.

Question is:

I got my hands on some free pharma grade anavar (200x10mg tabs) is it counterproductive to take this ? Is it worthwhile taking it ?


Anavar is wonderful. With trt it’s like magic. If you’re looking for small but meaningful improvements then that particular combo is very good and relatively free of any serious side effects. It’s bad for your lipids, but otherwise it’s about the safest oral out there.

Thanks @iron_yuppie , What would your recommended daily dosage and cycle length be? And do your lipids recover when the cycle is completed?

80mg/week is pretty low for TRT. At two months in you barely know how you’ll do on it. It’s probably in your best interest to wait at least a couple months before adding anything else.


Everybody reacts differently to anavar. 100/day caused serious pain in my glutes and legs to the point of affecting my sleep. 50/day was very tolerable but caused muscle tightness in my back that cause some issues.

But, I still agree with @iron_yuppie, the stuff is magic.

I was referring to 80mg/week of testosterone being low. Being only 2 months on TRT it’s probably a better decision to wait a little bit.

I’ll be running 75mg/day of Anavar on top of TRT once corona passes and the gyms open back up. Looking forward to it!


Sorry. My mistake.

I couldn’t agree more. It would be foolish to add other compounds before being dialed in. Getting ‘right’ on TRT takes a lot of time even if you feel great now that you are in the honeymoon phase. Also, you can make solid gains from TRT alone assuming you had legit low T to begin with. Save the Var for at least 6 months.

Maybe my Var was fake / underdosed, so take this with a grain of salt, but I only got minimal gains from it.

My feeling on it is that running higher test alone will do more than TRT + var. Especially, if you run it at 500+/wk. Probably a lot cheaper too.

Thanks @blshaw and @dextermorgan.

I’ll take this advise sounds logical to me. My T was low, took a few months and a lot of research to make the decision so on 80mg/week first 3 months and then more bloods to re-asses levels. At the moment feeling good but like you say honeymoon phase I guess.

Thanks again.

Wise of you to reconsider… props. Most people ignore the good advice given. Just remember it’s a marathon not a sprint and the Var is always an option.

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What exactly are the magic effects that you notice?

Your libido disappears like magic


Vascularity, fat reduction, crazy pumps and muscle hardness

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Not me. Test/ mast and anavar are like boner magic :rofl:

Sounds like magic to me. Would be awesome

I was kidding but the mast could be your savior in that mix. I recently ran test/mast and for the first month I was swollen from the waist down. It was like I was 14 again.

I ran 50mg/day of Anavar and 2 weeks in had absolutely zero libido and trouble getting hard. Stopped it and was back to normal in a week or two. Definitely considering Mast or Proviron the next time I try it.


Maybe you’re right. I’m planning on keeping masteron in my cruise

TBH I’d rather run anavar over testosterone (less acne, water retention etc). I’ve never used real anavar before, but I imagine i’d prefer 25mg var daily over 250mg test weekly

Anavar isn’t as mild as people make it out to be either. Get kidney/liver function and lipids tested towards the end of 100mg daily. Some will fair well, others (the majority) will have some seriously shitty looking blood work

As to @studhammer’s post. Have you checked lipids on mast, some don’t handle it all that well. My HDL was 27 on the stuff (and deca)