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Adding Anavar to Test E Cycle?


I am currently finishing up week 3 of a 10 week cycle of test e @ 210 mg E3D.
I have 100 tabs of Anavar (25mg each) and debating on adding this for the rest of my cycle.
This is my first cycle and gains so far have been amazing. I am lifting more wieght than ever and definitly am growing.

My goals are not to get super huge and bulky. I want to add muscle but also keep hard cut look right now so that is why I am thinking Anavar now.
What are the pros and cons of adding anavar to this cycle for the last 7 weeks @ 50mg ED (including a week after last injection)?


Clean up your diet and you will keep that hard cut look.
Control your estrogen and you will keep the hard cut look.

I, personally would use it towards the end of your cycle like this.
wk 10 last shot of test
wk X-12 Anavar 50mg
wk 13- Start PCT

I believe you could also use a low dose during your PCT as it would only be minimally suppressive. I do not know how effective or true that is from personal experience though.


so overall the cycle will look like this

Frontload TestE - 510mg
TestE - 210 MG E3D week 1 - 10 (just started week 4)
Anavar - 50 mg ED week 6 - 12
PCT starts at week 13

I am taking Amiridex .25 E3D as well.

Im looking at 7 weeks of Anavar with the supply I have. Is that enough? i dont want too waste if it isnt going to be effective


7 weeks is pushing it as far as liver health goes, but it is doable. Anavar is particularly mild but it is still an oral steroid and should be treated as such.

May I ask how you are going to measure precisely 210mg of T?


Thanks. Appreciate the advice.

The bottle of Test I have is 300Mg/L
Drawing back to .7 on or as close as i can get to that point.
300 * .7 = 210 mg. correct?


Correct so you are using 490mg of test a week correct?

I wouldnt choose to use var past 8 weeks personally but i have had a recent LFT that told me i had good values.

The var is likely to be "drowned" by the test, maybe a little extra strength. Never used the two. Wouldnt... i'd use var alone to see what it was like - and then add masteron di, but thats me.



420mg a week.
That is what I am wondering - is it a waste to add anavar and what additional gains if any would I see in body composition and strength.
Anyone have any comparison from actually doing two similar cycles?


Everything I've read on var, and I've done a lot of research, is that its best to run in long cycles. 12 weeks 16 ideally to reap the full benefits.


Well you're wrong.


you're entitled to your opinion...however wrong it may be.


Yes, on the novel definition of "research" as meaning "perusing bro boards," then as a person having done a lot of research you surely know what you are talking about.

And all that tell you that you are wrong, are obviously themselves wrong.

Can't argue with "research" like yours.


You are certainly entitled to having it but you are not entitled to post it without disclosing that it is only your opinion.


what in my post implies I was passing it off as fact? I said I have read and researched it. That is was my opinion is implied in the reading if you have any reading comprehension.

I could be wrong. I don't know everything. i'm not a Dr. are you? All I have is my one experience w/ running it and researching what others have to say. I don't have time sensitive bloodwork to back up my opinion. The only bloodwork i have is from running winstrol in which my enzyme levels were elevated. I ran a cycle of var/winny between checks and liver enzymes are normal. all bloodwork good.

I guess the real answer is everyone's body is and how they handle things are different. The best approach would be to get a work up from your doc before starting, and again when you get close to 8 weeks and see where you are w/ your Liver enzymes.

My OPINION is unless you're taking a high dosage, it would probably*....probably be ok for longer than 8 weeks.


Recommending 12-16 weeks of an oral steroid (besides primobolan) is downright irresponsible and potentially dangerous for most people.

As far as liver damage is concerned duration of use is more influential than dosage used.

I don't need to be a doctor to know that the information you have given out in this thread is unproductive.