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Adding Anavar to Test Cycle


I’m currently on my 4th week of running Test E (500mg/wk). I’m taking 0.75mg adex EOD and Nolva 10mg ED. It seems to be the perfect spot where I don’t crash my E2 and feel like shit and at the same time I don’t feel itching in my left nipple.

I’m planning on running Test for no more than 12 weeks and I was wondering whether adding Anavar (and HCG?) for the last 4 weeks of my cycle help me get some extra gains.

I’ve experienced a very small shrinkage (could be none at all) so far but I’ll still run some HCG before I start my PCT. I’m not dead set on adding var to the cycle just been thinking about it since things have been going great so far and I want to maximize my gains this cycle so that I can take a longer time after PCT in order to make sure I’ve recovered completely before I think about doing a second cycle.

Week 1-12 - Test e @ 500mg/wk
Week 10-14 - Anavar @ 40mg/day
Week 13-15 - HCG @ 500iu EOD?
Week 15-20 - PCT w/ Nolva

How does this look? Does it make sense doing it?

It makes perfect sense, though I’d run the anavar two weeks longer. But otherwise that’s a pretty reasonable way to finish off a cycle.

Great! Cholesterol is a concern for me. I had labs done before cycle and everything was great. HDL was on the lower end tho. I’m cooking all my meals with either coconut or olive oil (spray) and taking omega 3 with every meal but still that might not be enough to keep me in the healthy ranges. Is there any over the counter medication that I can take to help with that?

There’s almost no data that would indicate any long term danger of having slightly out of range cholesterol for brief periods of time. Frankly you can whack your numbers like a piñata for a few months and most doctors won’t bat an eye. The real danger is having wildly out of range numbers for a sustained period of your life. But if you’re young and otherwise healthy you shouldn’t be too worried about it.

Thanks for the info!

Does it matter whether I run it for the last 6 weeks of the cycle or could I start it now (at week 5-ish)


I say run it at the end. But that’s my personal opinion based on what the science tells us. Individual results may vary.

I’ll wait till the 8th week and do the last 6 weeks. Doing the math I will have enough var to do exactly 6 weeks at 60mg. That is if I want you use all of it as I really have no use for a couple dozen pills left at the end. Is 60mg/day an okay dose for that period of time?

That’s a great dose/length. You’re going to love it.

Awesome, thanks for your help!

Instead of opening a new topic I’ll ask here since it’s related to the topic. Should I split the anavar am & pm? 30mg at 10am / 30mg at 10pm?
Is there a point in doing a pyramid type introduction of the anavar into my cycle?
Like 20 / 20 / 20 / 40 / 40 / 40 / 60 etc for the first week of taking it?

Half life is something like 9hrs, so splitting the dose would be perfectly acceptable but not necessary. As far as pyramiding it up I don’t see a need.