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Adding Anavar to End of First cycle?

Hi all!

Stats: 23yo, 90kg, 14%BF, 174cm, nearing 4 years training.

I’m currently just coming to the end of my 7th week of my first cycle! Currently on 500mg of Test E. I’ve been loving the results I’ve gotten so far, I wanted to start just on Test E to gauge how my body reacted. My main goal is to put on some good lean size which is currently happening :slight_smile:

Been getting regular bloods to make sure I’m on track and everything is going sweet so that’s of no worries to me.

I’m pondering on the idea of adding Anavar into the end of my cycle. I was thinking the last 4 weeks as this seems like a good time frame for when I’ve been reading!

I was just after some opinions/personal experiences on dosages and time frames of people that have had obviously a bit more experience with it than myself!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve never finished a cycle with orals (though of late I’ve read some interesting case logic for it).

I add to your question by asking when PCT is applied (which of course is also dependent on whether the Anavar use ends with your last pin or if it overlaps by some weeks)? Would it still be 2 weeks post testosterone or based on the termination of the Anavar?

Alright just to cover my moral line, you only use testosterone on your first cycle! Numerous reasons but ultimately it’s for your safety and health.

Now that I have covered that.
Anavar is one of the MOST faked compounds out there. They usually substitute winstrol or winstrol with dbol and call it anavar. Very very few of us have actually used anavar. So if chances are you will end up getting winstrol instead on anavar then why not try winstrol first that way you know what it does. If you know what winstrol does for you then later get some “anavar” you should be able to tell if you are getting anavar or winstrol. Think about if you get winstrol as anavar on your first time and you like it so you keep getting it and paying anavar prices for winstrol then later realize it was winstrol all along, you are going to feel dumb as shit for waisting all that money.

I am all for you new guys being strategically smart with how and when you use any given compound for the first time. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE thinks their source is legit and the best thing since sliced bread. If you plan on running multiple cycles and chances are you will then you will explore numerous sources. You should always start with the simple compounds from a new source because if their testosterone is shit then you know their anavar, masteron and primo isn’t worth the try. On the other side of that even if their testosterone is good it doesn’t mean their anavar masteron and primo is good but there is a better chance that it is. So as you progress in this world be strategic and try the common mainstay compounds first. Like winstrol, EQ, NPP (deca too if you want risk it) and dbol then move to the higher priced more exotic compounds. Heck chances are you will get the results you want with the common compound, actually you can get 90% of what you want with just testosterone.

For the record I am not recommending that you even add in winstrol but i do suggest it over anavar. If I were to stamp “approved” on any add in choice it would be Proviron, it just makes any cycle better. It is not hepatotoxic so you can run it extended periods and it is non suppressive so after you recover properly after PCT you can use it just as a way to help harden and cut off cycle. It has anti estrogenic properties so it will help keep the bloat down while helping you solidify gains by way of hardening and fat burning.

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Thanks for this post. @now_i_care .
I have always wanted to try something with my bi-yearly blasts but I am not very educated in all the AAS and their advantages. Reading your post even if I picked one to try there is a good chance I will not get what I ordered. That is pretty F-ing scary.
Anyway I enjoyed you post. Thank you for taking the time to share this info.

When I really got into this world I wanted to know what these Labs were paying for any given compound. I just wanted to know the mark up out of curiosity. So I went online, Ali baba’d and so on, found raw powder suppliers and asked for a price sheet. It is eye opening!!! (If you do this get as many different sources price sheets as possible because that can tell you if that raw sources prices are off)

Basically you have the real entry level compounds like just about any estered test (there are one or two that cost more). Then at the next “price level” (and it isn’t that much of jump) you have deca, npp, (various other nandrolones), EQ (also other esters attached to boldenone), dbol, anadrol, and winstrol. Then there is a significant jump in price and we get to tren e and ace, mast p and e, turinabol and slightly higher is anavar. (Nandrolone lauralate is also in that groups price window, it’s the odd ball nandrolone) Finally we get to the highest tier price point which has primo ace and e along with tren hex ending at halotestin which is double the primo and tren hex cost.

It’s odd that anavar is so often faked yet turinabol is not, both cost similar for the raw. It might be because there is such a demand for anavar yet it’s action is so close to winstrol and there isn’t an easy switch available for turinabol.

It’s good stuff to know because you can see if your sources price on whatever seems accurate. Like I always see the “tri tren” blend at the same price as tren e, there is just no way they can do that. If there is any tren hex in that blend it’s a couple of mgs so the reactive test will show it and then the remaining mgs are tren e.
If your source is selling 'primo 100" at the same price as the mast e then something is up.

One that gets me is how much they charge for prami. To be fair it’s probably because there are not any UGLs pressing their own tablets of prami so they have to get it from a pharmacy. It’s actually really cheap like less than arimidex and aromasin per mg. Caber is REAL expensive though and bromo is about half of that, still ridiculous though.

Basically just educate yourself, it’s free to do and it can save you from waisting money that you worked hard to earn.

Thanks so much mate! I really appreciate your responses coming from myself as someone who hasn’t had a great amount of experiences in the field!

That makes a lot of sense, I’ve been having a read about how faked Anavar can be, so really unless I can say I can 100% trust my source/UGL than it could be the case that trying Winstrol could be the way to go.

Do you have any recommendations on where I should be reading about dosages and cycle lengths ect of various compounds? As at the moment I generally just research from mixed sources ect as you do when you start out.