Adding Anadrol for Bulking

So, i recently went back on cycle( 2wks ago) I have been doing mild cycles of test cyp with some deca thrown on top for the last few yrs. I started test at 750mg and deca at just 200mg. Thinking about throwing some Anadrol in for 4-6 weeks and then stopping it and starting some tren at maybe 200mg. Any thoughts guys? Summer is coming!!! Lol

I would up the deca to a decent dose instead of adding anadrol. I also wouldn’t mix tren and deca, instead you could THEN add the anadrol.

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How much Anadrol? Your testosterone is way more than I ever took, so my input might not make much sense to you.
Here’s a thought: For the weeks you take Anadrol (and I would take no more than 50mg/day), why not drop the testosterone to 400mg/wk. This still puts you taking far more AAS per week than I ever did.

Also, how long are you “on” AAS without an off cycle.
It has my experience that I begin getting diminishing returns after 8 weeks. Most of my cycles were 8 weeks. But for a contest I would lengthen them to 12 weeks.

@hankthetank89 and I have differing opinions on cycling, but I do believe his thoughts should be strongly considered.

We are actually more simmilar than you would think as i agree with a lot of principles you mention. The difference mostly is in the dose because you have to understand that back when you took stuff it was different stuff. Even milk and meat was different, and pharma also was. Also you have elite genetics. Mix these 2 factors and our biggest difference in opinion is that to mimic what you did, with modern UGL pharma and shit genetics, you should tripple the dosage requirements, thats all.
Exactly when you said - 50mgs of anadrol, i was about to say - 150… The gear is different nowdays, just like everything else. Its like comparing gas prices or quality of vegetables now and 30 years ago.

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Sorry forgot to mention cutting out deca before starting tren. I also intended to up deca, almost out of it. Thats why dosing so low. Lol. I need to order more.