Adding Anabolic to TRT, Please Help

Hello good sirs,

Which compound would you recommend adding to prescribed test cyp (trt dose of 160mg a week, eod shot of 40mg) for muscle building purposes and at what dose? I’m going to remain at 160mg of test for now. I’m guessing half of that per week of an anabolic?

I’ve read that deca is the best one

My main concern is bloodwork. Which compound would not have permanent effect on bloodwork, after cessation of use before say…a month before blood work??

The main ones I’m thinking would be noticeably affected is PSA, HGB, HCT, RBC, HDL, Estradiol sensitive

Please let me know if this belongs in a different thread.


Hey bro! Adding deca at half the test dose would be absolutely pointless! 80mg of deca will do next to nothing and you probably would not even notice it being there. Deca (in useful dosages) is a harsh steroid, it can really make you bloofy if you aren’t in perfect control of diet (including things like sodium), and I Feel there are MUCH better options! With Deca you also need test as high or higher than deca or you can kiss your sex drive goodbye! many people also experience “deca dick” and are unable to get hard on deca unless the test dose is way higher than the deca dose, and your looking at 400mg a week minimum for effective deca dose! I have used deca twice and I never will again, there are much better steroids with much less side effects! Here are my recommendations based on your situation!

This first option is a lean bulk, EQ will not bloat you up and make you blooft like deca. The gains are a little slower but very steady, and are commonly described as “Easy to maintain” long term. EQ is generally run atleast 14-16 weeks because it takes a LONG time to build up in your system. Since you are on trt, I would run it 20-24 weeks since you don’t have to worry about recovering natural test. EQ also increases hunger and vascularity a lot, and has VERY FEW side effects. an AI should not be needed with this cycle.

weeks 1-forever(trt) Test cyp 160mg/week
weeks1-16/20 EQ 600mg/week

This would be a great beginner cycle! I typically recommend 400mg test and 600mg EQ but you can leave the test low and it will still be decent. I would even consider going up to 750EQ/week. Just watch the blood pressure, donate if necessary. I take 80mg aspirin a day when I dose EQ in the 1200mg+ range! EQ is also pretty weak mg for mg, i would compare 900mg EQ a week to 450mg test per week if that helps put it in perspective. IT is the only steroid I would run over 1g a day.

Here is an option for if you want a super lean, dry bulk, or if you want a cut. Masteron is great for increasing libido, burning fat, smaller lean mass gains but very maintainable, great strength gains, great vascularity increase, and it really gives you a unique look (grainy, hard) when you are low bodyfat. I LOVE This steroid!

Weeks 1-forever(trt) Test cyp 160mg/week
with either
weeks1-10 Masteron Prop 350mg/week OR
weeks 1-12 Masteron Enanthate 400mg/week

So go with the test/EQ if you want a nice bulk without too much water retention(small amount will occur), increased hunger, increased vascularity, and some decent size gains, or go with the test/masteron if you want something a bit less size gains, more strength gains, a bit of fat oxidizing properties, huge libido increase, vascularity increase, and a dry hard look.

Totally your call, both are great options. You will not need an AI with either cycle, and you don’t need PCT on trt.

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IF You are set on deca, I would increase the test to 400mg and run the deca at 400mg as well with 10mg nolva a day for an AI. Anything less than that isn’t really recommended with deca, and I Certainly do not recommend this for a first cycle!

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You could also run sdrol, adrol, dbol, car for orals. Injectables could be EQ as mentioned or npp

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I’m a big fan of masteron e with my trt. My Rx dosage of t is 100mg per week but with I run 200mg test and 200 masteron per week with great results but you must have your body fat down to 10% or lower to get the full effect. My labs with my dr are every 6 months so I drop the masteron 6 weeks before and also drop my test back to 100mg per week. Don’t want him to pull my script.


This is a great way to run your first cycle when on trt.

Personally I would bump it up to say 350 test and 350 masteron, but this is a great example of how you can see results with MINIMAL dosages!

There is NO NEED to be running some of the huge dosages that people recommend on forums unless you are very advanced. I’m cutting right now on 200mg test E alone and having great results.

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Interesting, I’m not sure how a doctor would react if he knew you were using AAS. I know of people who are on TRT who do NOT stop there AAS use to hide it from the doctor, I was under the impression that the doctor would keep you on TRT regardless of additional AAS use, I Could be completely wrong though I have never really considered the issue because I do self prescribed trt.

I Can ask some people I know who blast and cruise and are on doc prescribed TRT what there doctor’s reaction to it is if you’d like, because I’m positive atleast a couple of these guys do not hide it.

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My dr micromanages my test supply. Once my ugl test was late and I tried to get a refill on my pharma grade test 2 weeks early but he denied it saying I must be using too much. After I called him he finally gave me a script for a 1ml vial. He is really spooked by the dea laws. I’m considering switching to a dr that will give me more. My labs test my lipids and masteron can throw those numbers off a bit. If I could figure out a way around it I would not drop the mast.

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Your best bet is probably just switching docs! I’m sure you can find a doc that will prescribe you a moderate trt dosage and not get angry if you decide to responsible enjoy cycles, he may what to know details about what you are doing but a doctor like this would be ideal!


The doctor I am using doesn’t prescribe me anything, but it really has been a godsend having him watching my health and helping me understand all of the little things I can do to keep everything in check. He really is quite knowledgeable and has a lot of trt patients as well. definitely am lucky to have him

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Thank you so much for your help sir! I do appreciate it. I will look into those two compounds extensively.

I’ve read somewhere that either equipoise or masteron is frequently “faked” or really hard to find. Could you please confirm which one?

Thank you!

Hello brotha,

Does your bloodwork end up coming back to normal after your drop the increased test and masteron?

I’m wondering if using additional gear instead of the prescribed testosterone can induce permanent effects on bloodwork? No one seems to know the answer as I also asked this on a different forum/site.

For example, I’m wondering if hemoglobin or PSA can go back to normal after using additional compounds.

Thank you!

At 58 my psa is always in that 2.0 range but the masterone does not cause me to have any additional symptoms other than what I already have from bph. Probably because of my low dosage. The trt dose of test makes my hemocrit high enough for blood donations every 4 months or so. I run my own labs every 3 months so I can make adjustments before I have my dr ordered labs but dropping the mast 6 weeks before gets my lipids back in range before my trt labs.

Never tried equipoise so I’m not sure. I believe the masterone from the source I use is real due to the effect I get. Sorry, don’t think we can talk sources on this forum but there are plenty places you can if you look around.

IF you do a proper pct, your bloodwork should return to normal.

Masteron is sometimes faked not nearly to the extent of primo or anavar though. Primo or anavar I would stay away from unless you are 100% sure of source, masteron most good sources should be fine. Ive never had a bad experience with any gear and I have used a few different sources!

Basically, if you run AAS safely and with care, your bloodwork may be a bit skewed while on cycle, but all values should return to normal. If not then there is likely some kind of underlying problem.

Masteron is a dht derivative, so while it is quite mild, if you already have underlying hair loss issues or prostate issues you could experience some unwanted sides

Pct after returning to normal trt dose?

SORRY mis understood!

If you are on trt, and you run masteron and your bloodwork gets a little off, it should (Will) return to normal after a little while being off of it.

IF one run of masteron had a high chance of permanently screwing your body up, not many of us would use it haha. I have used it three times as high as 700mg mast prop per week and my bloods are currently good to go.

Am I Still misunderstanding the question? Can you word it differently if so?

Sorry I am just confused since it just seems that this would be a pretty straight forward issue… When you come off masteron, any changed values will return to normal.

I am on self prescribed trt, just bumped it to 200mg/week, haven’t done an actual cycle in quite a while but getting ready to shortly.

I have run a LOT of different AAS and my numbers always return to normal :slight_smile: