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Adding an Oral to the End of Test E Cycle - Anavar vs Tbol

What would be the differences between Anavar and Tbol in terms of

  1. Strength increase
  2. Size gains
  3. Keeping gains off cycle

Would love to hear opinions and thoughts from those who experience one or both orals in a test cycle.

Tbol is pretty much a more potent anavar. You won’t gain much weight with either drug, you might see a bit more strength, power and hardening.

Keeping gains off cycle has a lot more to do with pct than it does with the drugs. You will lose some gains, and you will definitely lose the cosmetic effects that you get just by being on the drugs.

I don’t really know in questions 2 or 3. For strength I like tbol better. It seems I hit a pr every time I take the stuff (I take it for pr attempts, but haven’t missed weights using it). I didn’t really notice much with anavar, but my anavar was suspect.

Do you plan on trying some legit anavar?
I am curious how you would respond every time I see you mention your sus var lol

I don’t know. I’ve been happy with tbol. I give that disclaimer so others take my review with a grain of salt. I don’t know that it wasn’t legit. Just my experience doesn’t line up with others. I feel it’s the honest thing to do. I do know I like tbol and haven’t gotten negative sides with it, just a good boost in strength. I also like that unlike anavar it is processed mostly by the liver which has really good recovery unlike the kidneys and anavar.

Oh yeah for sure.
Too many times I see guys shit on drugs as a whole etc knowing full well they are using brands I would not give my insert enemy.
It would make a good log if you ever decide to do it tho

You’re comments on anavar are interesting, I had a similar but opposite experience. I ordered some UGL anavar, I tested it and it came back positive on ROIDStest but I don’t know if the reactive color for something else would have been similar. I blew up on it. My most recent cycle I had pharma grade anavar, not nearly as good as what I saw with UGL. I’m wondering if my anavar was tbol or something stronger.

I’ve read some conflicting reports with the roidtest stuff. Not saying it is or isn’t legit, just that I have my doubts on those at home tests.

With UGL, IMO unless we send stuff out we don’t really know what we are taking. Perhaps my Tbol wasn’t Tbol? I think it is, but perhaps it is something else. I am fairly positive it is an AAS because the pumps were crazy when I took 120 mg in one day (have only done this once). My biceps were painful (a different pain than just a brutal pump) from a set of curls.