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Adding AI or SERMS to Cycle? Minimizing Gyno Risk

A short & slightly embarrassing history of topnotchlaborer:

I went through gyno surgery a little back (healed up good looks great). The cause was two different prohormones I stacked at age 17 some D-Bol analogues approximately 4 weeks in cycle… (silly me I didn’t know better I just wanted to be like Arnold) I suspect the cause of gyno was also infrequency of dosing, the substances I was taking themself especially, the age factor of being young, hormonal, poor diet and lack of testosterone due to the suppression all together caused me to get pharmaceutically induced gynoclamastia from high E! I should’ve know something was up because I swelled up like a damn water ballon hah! Truthfully I wish I never ever touched them at that age but we make mistakes.

Fast forward to age 23 present time:

So I just pinned 1ml of Test E today in my glute, to my surprise I felt absolutely no pain not even a pinch! I plan to pin 500mg Test E a wk (2ml total a wk) for 16 weeks.

The real question is when should I introduce AI’s or Serms? Week 3 or 4 once my blood levels begin to saturate more? I don’t see why I’d need to begin right now.

What should my AI or Serm dosing look like considering I’m on 500 test? I want to take the least amount of substance as possible. I know some of you will say I may not need it ect ect, but I did just spent $5,000 for surgery a few months back to remove the embassing confidence destroying gyno so I really need peace of mind here guys… I know it’s unresponsable to be taking gear but I feel more comfortable now because my understandings are greater and I’ve got SERMs & AIs on deck this time as well as actual real testosterone. Personally I don’t think I’m gyno prone even though I had it, I think that it was the crappy gears I was shifting and all the other different variables added in. God knows what them D-Bol Prohormone Analogues side effects are considering probably a slim population of people in this World used those particular substances.

I was wondering what the chances of gyno popping up on 500test? Is 10mg of Nolva a day fine? Or .25 adex every 2 or 3 days? I don’t want to wait for symptoms to occur. So 10mg of the tamoxifen a day be OK and if I do experience bloating & high bp high E symptoms then throw in the adex to bomb it? I don’t want to crash my E either because I know it’s vital for us in many respects.

So when would be the time to start, if I even should? Also what AI & Serm dosages are pretty standard while taking 500test?

Anybody? Should I start taking a SERM now? I was thinking 10mg a day of Nolva to prevent gyno, or possibly 20mgs.

I think I’m gonna get some masteron and throw that in at 200mg a wk for estrogen

You already have your mind made up that your gyno prone from when you ran a bunch of crap years ago and after surgery.

This mentality is leading you to almost need to take something to feel comfortable. So yes nomva would be better then an AI altho nolva cna make some feel like shit.

My opinion is stop being paranoid and just run the cycle your trying to make comparisons where they don’t really exsist out of paranoia.


Yeah your right maybe I am a bit too paranoid, but for a reason LOL! I agree I should just run the cycle, thankfully I have plenty AIs and Serms on deck so if anything does happen I can bomb it.

Just take 20mg/day tamoxifen if you see gyno

I don’t think you can reverse gyno though just more less stop it right? I hear a lot of people say it on here that they have reversed it but it’s not easy to believe that. I’m worried because I think the doc left just a tiny little sliver of gland in there and I’m afraid it’s going to pick up any access estrogen in my receptors inside the gland

can Gyno come back after the gland is removed? only fat tissue Gyno but not the gland right?

I’d imagine it would be much harder to get the gland type if most of it has been removed but I have no idea about this sooo

Ralox will reverse it if you start early enough. But take nolva at a low dose (like 10mg) twice a week if you need to have peace of mind.


I am unreasonably happy to see that written correctly.


Yes thank you guys, peace of mind is what I’m looking for. 10mg twice a week sounds to be a good protocol for my sanity haha!

Google tamoxifen (or ralox) reverses gynomastia study. They both do with reasonable success if caught in time. Also used to prevent gyno.

I had gland removal surgery and got gyno again (not near as bad as before but gyno nonetheless). It can happen and it’s not super rare. It’s like cancer. They go in to remove the cancerous tumor but sometimes they just aren’t able to get it all. They are using a tiny mm size suction/cutter and a mm size snake like camera.

What kind of cycle were you running when you got gyno again?

but your first Gyno was from the use of gear? what about the second?

I heard that if it’s genetic then yes you can get it again, but from gear it becomes much harder the second time around.

this is my number 1 worry with using anything

Gyno was from puberty/ possibly Paxil.

Where did you hear that from

had a friend that had puberty Gyno that ran gear, this is what he told me. when he got his removed he did it at a very high end guy, someone responsible for a lot of WWE and professional bodybuilders in LA.

doc told him steroid induced geyno was much harder to return once a lot of the gland is gone, but puberty is easier

dunno if here is any basis in that, if it’s all bullshit, or if i took the info wrong