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Adding Ab W/O to Program?


Im doing the Waterbury Method program right now(http://t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=534922).

Id like to add some abdominal workouts on the side, but I dont know if I should do that. It seems like there isnt ab specific workouts in there, but please let me know if i am wrong. If there isnt, what would you suggest I add? All of the workouts in this program are free weight. Id like to keep that intact for future knowledge in how to do these workouts. I enjoy learning the free weight workouts, as before I usually stayed away from the free weights. Please get back to me! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.


In terms of exercises that directly target the abs, there's only hanging leg raises. But all of the other big movements (bent rows, squats, chins, and standing presses) will work the abs indirectly, and just as effectively. So, you're well-covered.

If you're deadset on doing some ab work, I'd do some slightly higher rep work (just 1 or 2 exercises, preferably one of them as a twisting movement) on 1 of the G.P.P./cardio days.