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Adding a Second Injectable


Hey guys. Need some opinions. I got a friend of mine on his first cycle of TestC 200 E3D. I started him with Tbol for a kickstart 30/40/50/50. Hes on his 4th week and he’s looking for lean gains/body recomp for his first cycle. He’s looking good so far and loves the Tbol, but he wants to add a Second injectable. Now here’s my delima, I don’t want to add a 19-nor to his cycle because of the possible sides. And I don’t want to add mast because he’s not lean enough and also he’s already starting to bald so. That’s kind of out of the question. I thought about EQ with a 800Mg kickstart running it at 200 E3D the last 8 weeks.

What do you guys think? He’s really liking the Idea of NPP. Something like 50mg ED. Now I’ve never tried NPP but I’m assuming it has the possible risks associated with it as DECA. As long as he stops it maybe at week 10 and runs the test to week 12 I think he should be ok. Also going to run Var the last 4 weeks 10-14 around 50ED for the final polish up of the cycle.

Ultimately it’s his decision. I suggested just bumping the test up to around 800EW and the Var 10-14. I think that’s plenty for a first cycle. But who am I to talk. I ran Tren Ace my first cycle haha


Why does he want to add another injectable? I wouldn’t. It’s too early. I’d get as much out of just test as possible first, and see how he progresses through the full cycle. There’s a pretty good chance that test only will be sufficient to achieve what he wants. There’s no reason to invest in other drugs if test gets you where you want to be.

Honestly, my favorite cycle is test at 1g/week, and an oral or 2. No need to complicate things.


I agree flip. That’s kinda what I suggested. He’s really enjoying the Tbol. I figure maybe bump up the test around week 6-7 if he wants. But I’de like to see where just the test takes him by week 8-9


Again ultimately up to him. But i am curious how NPP would play out. I think I might give that a go when I start my off season bulk around August. Have you ever ran Deca or NPP? What were the differences?


I THINK I ran Deca last year… lol. It was supposed to be Tren, but all the sides and effects seemed much more like what I read about Deca. And when I ran Tren early this year, and it was definitely tren, it was a much different experience.

Strength gains were awesome, and I looked pretty great. Sexual sides were shitty. But overall I felt really good, and didn’t feel like a crazy person the way tren sometimes makes you feel. But again, I wouldn’t choose Deca over just doing more test, in most cases.


Why not more test instead of adding a second injectable this late in the game? Or a second oral at the end of the cycle.


There will be a second oral at the end of the cycle, Var 50mg for 4 weeks. Also not quite late in the game. It’s only been 4 weeks. That’s another reason why I say wait till atleast week 8 or 9. Although if he were to do something mild like EQ that would be something to start ASAP. Maybe I’ll switch him to prop for the last few weeks. I personally can’t run test very high as I Aromatize like a bitch. I’m enjoying my low dose test multiple compound cycle. Just don’t think he’s ready for all that quite yet.


Damn nandrolones seem to have such a bad rep with sex drive that’s what scares me. Tren never gives me any sexual sides. If anything it makes me last longer in bed with slightly elevated prolactin. That’s how I know if my prolactin is high. My erections become about 75-80% that that they normally would be and I last fucking forever in bed. Sometimes can’t even get off. Simple bump to .5 Twice weekly of caber sorts that out. I try and only run .25 twice a week if I can since the shits expensive and hard to acquire


I guess75-80% Is a sexual side effect lol. Better than limp dick and no erections for months


can’t you just adjust your AI dose accordingly?


ive tried everything except letro. It takes 1mg Adex or 25mg or higher of Aromasin ED to keep me in check on anything over 750. Shit I’m running 25Mg Aromasin AM and 12.5mg PM currently and I’m running only 400test. Mainly it’s to rid the ole puffy nip. And to keep me really dry during my cut.

But in short. Yes I can adjust AI accordingly. I just prefer lower test with multiple compounds. I’m afraid if I ran over a gram of test with Dbol I would literally have Bigger tits than Gianna Michaels hahaha

I’m one of the unfortunate ones who’s nipples are extremely sensitive to any Aromatisation


tell your mate not to be such an impatient son of a bitch and just wait until cycle number two to add another compound