Adding a Routine to a Routine

So I’m really wanting to get my calves bigger. I think they are puny and make me look like a sissy.

I just started doing the WS4SB workouts this week. I can see how its going to help a lot, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of adding in the 8 Week Calf Blitzkreig…

It looks like a killer routine but what are the drawbacks, if any, of adding this in before my WS4SB workout routine?

I know that most of the lifts I’m doing now don’t hit the calves directly, so would it be beneficial to do an entire calf only routine?

help! my calves are seriously gross looking like little chicken legs or toothpicks with skin on them!


My personal opinion is not to add the whole routine. Just tag in some really heavy standing calf raises into where it fits most appropriately in your current routine. Do not make it optional.

Do your calf work (or any kind of direct stabilizer work for that matter) AFTER your compound sessions, not before

Are you doing deadlifts and power cleans? Calf raises at the end should be all you need. However, that’s me and I don’t have any problems with calves so I’m a bad example.

You can do the program as written but do it at the end of your routine. It will take up to 20 minutes. Don’t neglect the rest of you program. After the 8 weeks, pick your next weakest part and hit that for 8 weeks.


hmmmm thanks for the advice everybody!

I’m on WS4SB and I just added calf raises to my leg day. I do it at the end.

[quote]Digity wrote:
I’m on WS4SB and I just added calf raises to my leg day. I do it at the end.

Awesome! Are you keeping a log I can start watching? I’d like to keep up with your progress, maybe we could trade ideas/advice on doing the WS4SB and Calf Blitzkreig… ?